Counting Down To The Weekend With Bahlsen Mini-Bags

One of our new favourite snacks for staving off that Friday afternoon slump are Bahlsen mini-bags. They’re so moreish, they’re the perfect afternoon office treat! This week we tested out Messino Minis, Leibniz Minis Chocolate and Waffle Minis.

Out of the three of them my personal favourite was the Leibniz Chocolate Minis, with the perfect biscuit to chocolate ratio they went fabulously with my afternoon espresso. We think that they’re also a wonderful snack for children, at home or on the go, I’d recommend having a Bahlsen mini-bag close to hand.

I certainly agree with Bahlsen, that they are a treat that the whole family will enjoy. A very close second are the waffle minis, crunchy wafer curls, covered with mouth-watering, delicious milk chocolate… yum! The Messino minis are on another level, the fine dark chocolate and soft sponge sandwiching a tangy orange fruit filling are just divine.

You can pick these up to try for yourself at Tesco, we think they’re the perfect sweet treat for sharing at Easter time with friends and family!

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