Aura Print Business Cards Unboxing & Full Review

Aura Print Business Cards Unboxing & Full Review

So if you’re starting a business, you might think should I go and get business cards? Should I waste time making them? Should I waste the money to order them? Do I even need them? So let’s talk about business cards because my opinion is that when you’re starting a business, you should make them, you should have them, and you should pass them out.

When you’re first starting out, I think you should invest the time it takes to make the business card because designing it and showing off what your brand actually is is a great exercise. It actually can formalise your business a little bit to you and other people around you.

So imagine printing out 250 business cards, and now you’re walking around at family events and handing them out to people. It’s an opportunity for you to tell people about your new project that is a real thing, not just an idea.

So even though spending £50 or £100 or two hundred pounds on some lovely business cards is an investment, it’s an investment in yourself, and it’s an investment in the community to say look this isn’t just an idea. This is something I’m actually doing. I’ve put some money behind it, so for that reason, I think when you’re getting started, business cards are great.

Today we’re having a look at a company called Aura Print. Now Aura Print is effectively a printing company that prints anything from business cards to wedding stationery to flyers and so on, and I have recently ordered a bunch of business cards from here. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, so I thought I’d write a review about them.

So first things first, if you’re just starting out on your printed business card ideas journey, you’ll probably want to order one of their business card sample packs. The biggest problem I always have with ordering business cards or flyers or anything like that is that it’s hard to imagine how it feels in your hand, how big it actually is, how the paper looks, how good the quality is, and so on. So luckily, Aura Print offers something called their sample pack, which you can order for only £1.95, and it provides a whole range of cards that they do. It includes an entire stack of different kinds of card, different edges, different feels, different weights and so on.

This is really nice first of all because it’s only £1.95 and that’s always a good thing but second of all this gives you a feel of what you’re ordering. You can touch it; you can feel it. You can bend it and twist it see how it feels in hand, you can see if it’s not too sharp, how thick it is, how durable it is, and they all have good markings on them to say what they are so you can actually find that sample pack on their website here.

Now once you’ve decided on what you want, it’s time to go to their website. This is where you have the option of uploading your own design. So if you’re working with a designer or a graphic designer or whoever makes your logo, you can actually have them do the design and just upload it to the Aura Print specifications and have it printed, or you can use their design service, which works really well. So it’s a pretty straightforward process that anybody can do, and then you just go ahead and add your information to whatever you’re ordering.

Aura Print Business Cards Unboxing & Full Review

Now, as I’ve said, I ordered some business cards, and they obviously arrive in a box, but there are quite a few nice touches with the whole unboxing experience. The cards themselves come in these little boxes that are not just simple boxes, and it’s all together just an enjoyable experience. I suppose they could have just put them in a plain paper container, but it’s a nice sturdy box, and you can even place them on your desk.

Obviously, you have the business cards, which of course, are the main reason you order this, but you know that level of attention to detail is a nice touch. It just makes the whole experience so much nicer and
again just the entire experience with the box and opening it; these little extra things just make you smile and make you happy with your purchase.

Now when it comes to cost, you can make it as expensive as you want. Mine was somewhere in the middle range. These are the Aura Print metallic foil business cards with holographic foil, which is just stunningly beautiful. I like the feel of them, and the whole process was relatively easy. Of course, you have to spend a little bit of time to sort out your design (or you can use their in-house design service) and make everything nice, but all in all, you can have the process done in about half an hour.

This is a quick look at the Aura Print printing service. You can find more about it at, and I’m absolutely over the moon with my cards. I’m sure I’ll probably use Aura Print again for some flyers and so on, but yeah, I thought I’d just give you guys a little taste of what Aura Print offers and how it will look when you receive your business cards.

Aura Print Business Cards Unboxing & Full Review

So my overall goal or overall theme for business cards was to have something that fits Vivre Le Rêve’s whole aesthetic. So I’ve got our logo on the front of the card and our website and email address on the back.

I mean, my final verdict is that, to be honest, AuraPrint did a fantastic job. The cards are perfect quality-wise, and you most certainly get your money’s worth.

Please let me know what you think, guys! That’s it for today’s article comment down below: Have you ordered business cards yourself? If so, which company did you find was helpful? Which one did you find was the best value for money? Let me know what your thoughts are on business cards as a whole and what other websites you guys use to make them.

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