The Best-Paying Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

The Best-Paying Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

There are a number of options when it comes to work which incorporates a significant amount of travelling. According to new research, they aren’t all within the travel industry. Job site Indeed has ranked the best-paying jobs for travel lovers and although the list includes some obvious jobs, like a pilot or a travel writer, there are a few surprises.

The research found that management consultants, who advise companies on how to improve their businesses, were the highest earners with the most travel opportunities. People in this role were found to have average annual salary of £55,236 while spending up to 80% of their working time on the move, while freelance designers, who may spend all their working time travelling, were next on the list, with an average annual salary of £45,754. Events managers and auditors were also placed above travel writers and photographers in terms of their earning potential.

Here’s the full list from Indeed’s research, along with the average annual salaries and the amount of travel time that can be expected in each role.

1. Management consultant – £55,236 average annual earnings and up to 80% of travel time.

2. Freelance designer – £45,754 and up to 100% of travel time.

3. Travel nurse – £42,886 and the opportunity to travel during a 13 week contract.

4. Retail buyer – £39,175 and at least 10% of travel time.

5. Airline pilot – £34,575 and up to 100% of travel time.

6. Global events manager – £34,519 and up to 50% of travel time.

7. Auditor – £34,062 and up to 15% of travel time.

8. Travel writer – £32,791 and up to 100% of travel time.

9. Travel photographer – £32,470 and up to 100% of travel time.

10. Pharmaceutical sales rep – £32,062 and at least 50% of travel time.

11. Recruiter – £30,351 and at least 20% of travel time.

12. Travel agent – £24,333 and 30-40% of travel time.

13. Flight attendant – £20,419 and up to 100% of travel time.

14. Ski instructor – £15,708 and seasonal travel.

15. Stage hand – £8.22 per/hour and up to six months away on a contract.

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