How to Enter Someone’s Dream…

How to Enter Someone's Dream...

Today we’re going to talk about how to enter someone’s dream and how to visit people in their dreams. Firstly, I’m going to share with you a technique that you could use to visit anybody you want in their dreams.

So you want to do this technique right before you go to bed. I’m talking right before you lay down to sleep okay? Because you want to get your brain ready to be in that lucid state that basically allows you to travel the astral realm. Which if you guys don’t know, is basically the dream world.

All you’re going to do is simply set an intention. Setting an intention is the anchor to basically manifesting anything or making anything happen. Set a pure intention and with this intention you’re pretty much going to ask God / Universal Energy / your higher self / your spirit guide (anybody that you speak to when you’re talking to a higher power). You’re going to ask them to visit a particular person and use that person’s name. Envision that person in your mind and you’re also going to give a reason or a purpose for visiting this person in their dreams.

Now the reason is VERY important, because we don’t want any dark magic going on okay?

You don’t want to be asking to visit an enemy in their dreams to give them some type of nightmare. That’s NOT the type of energy we want. This needs to be coming from the heart, this needs to be a pure loving energy and this needs to be a very good reason to visit someone.

So I’m going to use my experience of how to enter someone’s dream as an example for you guys, so you can better understand. Basically the way I got this idea was one night I was just laying in bed. I was thinking about my life and I was thinking about my mom in particular. I absolutely love my mom, she is a goddess. She’s done so much for me and it was kind of one of those things where I was just reflecting on the fact that I really feel like I don’t show my mom enough appreciation sometimes.

So right before bed, right before I lay down to sleep, I asked the universe:

“I love my mom so much, she’s done so much for me. I feel as though I don’t acknowledge the fact or let her know how much I love and appreciate her. So if you please would allow me to visit her in her dreams tonight to let her know. I would love that. I’d be forever be grateful, thank you”.

That’s pretty much it, and then obviously the next day my mom told me about how I was in her dream and she told me what happened. The way this came about, it was actually such a beautiful thing to hear and also for my mom to experience. Because I feel like that message clearly got through.

So in the dream I came to my mom as my child self. She said she couldn’t really make out how old I was, but she just knows that I was definitely under 10 and we were back at the very first home that my mom and I lived in together.

My mom raised me by herself and she just remembers looking over at me. I was awake and she was just like “It’s okay baby, you can go back to sleep. Everything’s fine” and I just went back to sleep. She said she kind of semi woke up in her bed at that time and she felt like it was just so real. Almost like the realities were kind of merging together. It was a weird thing for her to explain but she just said it felt so real, it literally felt like I was back in time.

That was pretty much it. I mean it was a short dream but the fact that it still happened, it just surprised me, that it actually worked. It really, honestly, had a lot of significance from my point of view. Because I know my mom really misses and cherishes that time when I was really young.

That was basically my technique on how to enter someone’s dream and that was also my experience. So I hope that you guys learned something from this. If you try it and it works please share your experience down below. I would love to know!

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