When to Wear Your Sapphire Jewellery

When to Wear Your Sapphire Jewellery

Do you know when to wear your sapphire jewellery? Of course you do, it’s a stupid question – it’s your jewellery and you should wear it whenever you want! But, do you know the various etiquettes and intricacies of wearing sapphire jewellery? Possibly not. Which is why this blog is here for you, to guide you on when to wear your sapphire jewellery.

Day to Day

If you’re not someone who wears jewellery every day, then shame on you and your family. That’s a joke, but if the reason you haven’t been wearing jewellery daily is because you’re not sure what to wear, then this is what we’re here for.

The perfect bits of sapphire jewellery to wear when you’re just living life day to day are: stud earrings, small necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Sapphire stud earrings add a nice pop of colour to your look for the day, and don’t get in the way of anything you might find yourself doing, so you don’t have to worry about them bothering you if you’re not used to wearing jewellery frequently. A small necklace, such as a simple, round sapphire pendant is a simple, sophisticated way to incorporate sapphire jewellery into more of your outfits.

When it comes to rings, vintage sapphire rings are probably the most lovely and luscious thing you could add to your look for the day. Something you’ve inherited from a friend or family member is a possible way to go, or something you’ve managed to pick up at a vintage jewellery store. As long as it’s quite slim-line, or set with stones that aren’t oversized, it’ll blend right in with the rest of your look, just adding that extra sparkle where it’s needed. Don’t shy away from bracelets, either. If you wear a watch every day, try just wearing your bracelet alongside your watch, you’d be surprised how quickly the sensation of its presence fades until it becomes subconscious.


There’s not likely to be any big parties soon, but it’s best to be prepared. So, here’s the types of sapphire jewellery that are sure to make you the belle of the ball.

A sapphire necklace is a stunning accessory. A dramatic dropping pendant or a choker that’s accented with sapphires is a statement that says ‘I’m here to have a good time’. The trick is either going for size or quantity. A huge sapphire is going to show everyone you’re the life of the party, while a plethora of them lets people know how truly important you are.

Opting for a different direction, sapphire earrings are once again a solid choice. Stray away from the simple studs into something more adventurous. Drop earrings, featuring statement stones like sapphires and diamonds are easily the best option for a party. Whether they’re climbers – earrings that appear to climb up the ear from the lobe – or they’re bold and bright clusters of gemstones all together, sapphire earrings not only invite compliments, but also jealous stares. We all know that’s what parties are all about.

Formal Occasions

You would be forgiven for thinking that we’ve covered this topic, since parties are often formal affairs. But I beg to differ. Formal events – for the sake of this blog – are things like weddings, black-tie events, and any other occasion where you’d prefer to feel like royalty among peasants.

The perfect sapphire jewellery for this type of event is a vintage sapphire cocktail ring. Cocktails rings find their history in the 1910s and 1920s, when glamorous ladies would coat their fingers in the finest jewels around to have their manhattans in style. Because of this, any respectable cocktail ring will be oversized and absurd. And this is why we love them. Sapphires and diamonds coexist perfectly in a good cocktail ring, sometimes taking ‘cute’ shapes like bows or hearts, and blowing them massively out of proportion.

The only counterpart that could do a cocktail ring justice is a good brooch. Anyone who thinks brooches are old-fashioned or outdated is no longer considered to be ‘in the know’, as brooches are actually in the throes of a significant revival in popularity. Any shape or size is fair game when it comes to wearing brooches for formal occasions. They are refined and stately whether they are a slim line of blue or an ostentatious explosion of sparkling colour. Wear them on the breast of a jacket or formal dress, or – if you’re trying to be a game changer – at the collar of a shirt, similar to how one might wear a bowtie. You can’t go wrong.

So, now you know – if you were unsure beforehand – how and when to wear your sapphire jewellery. No go forth and out-shine all others with your regal and well-informed accessorising. You can do it.

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