How to Tell if Someone is Thinking About You…

How to Tell if Someone is Thinking About You...

How to tell if someone is thinking about you and what to do if you want to hear from them but don’t want to be the one to make the first move.

Today, I’m going to share three clear signs that someone is thinking about you, plus an energy trick you can use if you want to get them to message you (if it’s in alignment of course).

How to tell if someone is thinking about you – You think of them out of the blue and it feels very random

So it’s like, you were going about your day doing whatever and you weren’t even thinking about them at all. Then all of a sudden a thought pops into your head about them. It feels like this thought about the other person literally popped into your head. Like it wasn’t your thought, but almost as if the universe or something else just tapped you on the head and made you think about this person.

This is probably because they are thinking about you! So think about it this way. Have you ever thought about wanting to call a friend and then you didn’t call them, you got busy or whatever and later that day they called you? This is energy in motion. Your thought of connecting with your friend, caused the thought of talking to you to pop into their mind and they called you.

It works that way with exes or people who you’re dating too. Often when they’re thinking about you you’ll get a thought about them in your head, seemingly out of the blue.

How to tell if someone is thinking about you – You keep dreaming about them

But you don’t know why because you weren’t thinking about them before that. So if you have one random dream about an ex or someone that you’re dating it’s probably not a sign that they’re thinking about you. However, if they keep showing up in your dreams repeatedly and you weren’t thinking of them before hand. Then it’s likely that they were the ones thinking of you.

If you keep dreaming about an ex or a person you’re dating, the key is to feel into the energy of the dream and how it made you feel when you woke up. Maybe the dream is making you feel feelings that you really need to process about this person? Then you’re likely having the dream because you need to deal with this and it’s your subconscious mind helping you let the emotions go.

If you wake up from the dream and it feels kind of random that this person was in there and you don’t have a lot of emotional charge around it. It’s likely that they were thinking about you to the point where they even showed up in your dream.

How to tell if someone is thinking about you – You start seeing signs, inside jokes or things that remind you of them

That maybe only the two of you would know about. So sometimes when you’re thinking about someone constantly it’s because you’re just obsessing about them and it’s you that won’t let them go in your mind. You can tell if it’s you obsessing because you engage in obsessive behaviour like stalking their social media, talking about them to anyone and everyone who will listen and you just keep bringing them up in your own mind.

Obsessing is when we actually want to be thinking about the other person. We’re getting pleasure from it in some way, even negative pleasure from thinking about them so much. That’s different than when it’s them thinking about you, it’s this weird feeling of I don’t know why I’m thinking about them so much? Maybe I don’t really want to be thinking about them or I don’t really care but they’re on my mind, so it’s kind of like there’s no valid reason why.

You might even start to see little signs that remind you of them and it feels like okay is the universe trying to tell me something? So the main point here is when it feels almost like your thoughts about them are an intrusion on your own thoughts. Or you start to see those signs but you’re not looking for them then it’s likely that that person is thinking about you a lot and that’s why the thoughts are coming into your reality.

Now what do you do if you actually want to hear from said person?

You send them a message (a psychic one that is). So once you’ve been alerted to the fact that this person is thinking of you from the points I mentioned above. You can connect with them energetically because they have already energetically connected with you by thinking about you so much.

  • So you’re going to go ahead and close your eyes.
  • Imagine that you’re writing them or typing them a letter.
  • Next you’re gonna imagine saying to them all the things you want to say or asking them any questions you have and you’re going to envision yourself sealing the letter in an envelope and sending it their way.
  • You’re going to picture them getting the letter and reading it and you’re gonna feel that they have received your message.
  • So know that when this is done, it’s done on the energetic level, which means it’s done and it will likely show results on the physical level soon if it’s aligned for you to be in contact with this person.

Please know though I’m only recommending that you connect if it’s in the highest alignment. Not if it’s because you are just being obsessive or controlling. We don’t want to force connections that are not meant to be in the first place. We want you being in a relationship with the person who’s a true match for you!

I hope this has helped you know how to tell if someone is thinking about you, let me know all about it in the comments below!

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