Common Mobility Scooter Issues (and Fixes)

Common Mobility Scooter Issues (and Fixes)

If you or a loved one owns a mobility scooter, it’s important that you fix any mobility scooter issues that spring up. After all, mobility scooters are essential for helping elderly and disabled people live normal lives, so you can’t afford to ignore any potential issues and allow them to potentially get worse. If you do, this can lead to accidents and malfunctions, which you naturally won’t want to happen.

With that said, what are the most common mobility scooter issues? More importantly, how can you fix these issues? In this guide, you can find all the answers you seek.

1.    Battery Faults

The number one issue with a mobility scooter is usually its battery.

Often, people discover there’s a problem when they attempt to charge the battery, and nothing happens. There’s no need to panic, though, as the solution is pretty simple.

When you experience a faulty mobility scooter battery, all you need to do is replace it with a new mobility scooter battery. When you purchase the battery from a reliable brand, you can have peace of mind knowing that your mobility scooter will be perfectly fine moving into the future and that you won’t have to worry about any potential breakdowns.

2.   Brakes

Elderly and disabled people often use their mobility scooters to help them go up and down steep hills. This is great — but it also poses some safety risks if the brakes suddenly stop working or have become slack. When you’re riding a mobility scooter downhill, the last thing you want to happen is the brakes suddenly stop working, which is why it’s so important to look out for the signs of faulty brakes.

If your mobility scooter has faulty brakes, it’s recommended to take it to a repair shop as soon as possible. And if your mobility scooter is still under warranty, you might be able to get a new replacement for free.

3.   Worn-out Tyres

Over time, when a mobility scooter covers a lot of mileage, its tires can become worn out. When this happens, you might notice:

  • Cracks and marks
  • Vibrations
  • Unusual noises when driving

Also, worn-out tires usually appear visually worn-out from the outside, which makes them easy to spot.

If your mobility scooter tires have become like this, then the best thing to do is replace them with brand-new tires. This way, you can boost your overall safety, prevent mobility scooter falls, and make your mobility scooter look visually better.

4.   Faded Body Paint

Whether you own a bright blue or dark red mobility scooter, you might notice that the paint job starts to become fade after several years. Although this is absolutely nothing to worry about, you might still want to do something about it — which you can. Mobility scooter paint jobs are usually cheap and affordable, allowing you to choose a new colour altogether.

Final Thoughts

You’re now up-to-date with the most common mobility scooter issues. If your mobility scooter starts to experience any of the above-mentioned issues, then simply follow the solution provided.

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