Boosting Our Energy Levels With Vivid Matcha Green Tea Brain Box 14 Day Plan

We’ve been testing out this awesome Vivid Matcha Green Tea Brain Box 14 Day Plan as a replacement for our morning coffee fix over the last two weeks and we’re super excited to now be talking to you about it. It’s amazing value, for £19.99 you get a complete 14 day Matcha plan, packed with L-Theanine and Caffeine and a Brain-Train calendar! Taken from ceremonial organic matcha green tea grown in Nishio, Japan, the pack contains 14 individual servings to sharpen your mind. We think that the Brainbox is ideal for those who want to boost energy levels or as a coffee replacement with a view to quitting coffee.

I first started using matcha in my smoothies years ago and eventually progressed to adding it to porridge in the morning and it’s delicious! We think that it really is an excellent coffee replacement because you still get the same lift as you do from coffee but your energy levels really do remain elevated for much longer. It’s proving a great way to start the day, the product also feels really premium and comes with lots of extra information, which is obviously a bonus. Be sure to grab yours today, it’s currently on sale at Holland & Barrett with an RRP of £19.99.

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