Chartering a Private Yacht

I understand that this is quite a specific Vivre Le Rêve feature and not one that all of our readers will be interested in, or will have even considered. But, if you’ve got a special event coming up, like a big birthday or engagement party may I suggest you partake in the very epitome of luxury and consider chartering your own private yacht? At lot of people wrongly assume that it’s an option that is out of their reach, granted it’s never going to be a bargain basement getaway but if a touch of class and the wow factor is what you’re after you really can’t go wrong.

Firstly, think about the type of yacht that would best suit the size and character of your charter party. For example, a motor yacht is ideal for a family while a sailing yacht would be a fabulous choice for a real yachting enthusiast. Also, bear in mind that most yachts only charter in specific areas. The flexibility and privacy is the ultimate extravagance, it allows you the indulgence of only unpacking your bags once yet visiting a different port of call every day.

There are countless brokers out there, some are far better than others. I highly suggest you ask around and get a recommendation as to the best broker for you. You should gather as many ideas as you can regarding the facilities and accommodation you’d like a yacht to offer, what type of charter you’re looking for, and when and where you want to travel. Contact your broker as soon as possible to ensure you have the best selection of yachts to choose from. Your personal broker and the captain of your chosen yacht should begin to prepare the charter, overseeing every detail – from hiring any special equipment, securing all the arrangements and provisioning the yacht with all of your requested items to ensure everything is in place to make it the holiday of a lifetime. From family time to private time, from pure relaxation to breathtaking adventure, chartering a yacht provides all of this and more.

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