What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve boxes are typically given to children as a way to break up the anticipation of the next day with some small gifts and activities. It’s not a new tradition for us a family, we’ve had a Christmas Eve box for years. They can be as simple as a cardboard box or as elaborate as an engraved wooden chest, filled with sweets, pyjamas, films, books and games.

Truthfully, the evolution of our box has been quite interesting over the years. It started out with very young contents as our boy was obviously, very young himself. Now he’s growing up (way too quickly), we’ve carefully adapted the box into a much less child focused theme. With heavy emphasis on family. So, there’s something for each of us. With no magic key, snowman soup, reindeer dust or anything he’d think is too young for him.

I really love that it’s one of those traditions that has grown with us as a family. Just because children grow up, there’s no need to stop doing it. Just replace the younger Santa themed options with family board games, posh cookies & snacks, Lush products, a special Christmas decoration, Champagne (for the grown ups) and luxury pyjamas.

Bring a little extra magic to Christmas Eve by creating a Christmas Eve box full of treats for your little ones. It’ll make the night before Christmas almost as magical as the day itself!

New Pyjamas

It’s a Christmas tradition in our house for us each to have new jammies for bed time, it’s also a bonus that everybody looks nice and smart in them for the Christmas morning pics!

Family board game

To play together in the evening.

An Annual

This is a great one for a bit of quiet time before bed and some time to decompress with all of the excitement.

Snowman Soup

It’s basically a sachet of posh hot chocolate, some sprinkles and mini marshmallows. And hopefully the milky drink will help them drift off to sleep too!

Reindeer Dust

My boy loves this! Just mix edible glitter with oats, place in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon. The oats sparkle by moonlight so that Santa and his reindeer can find their way to your door.

A Christmas Book

I love to pop the Jolly Christmas Postman in the box to snuggle up together and enjoy.

Christmas Movie

I also add one of our favourite Christmas movies in the box, like Home Alone or Elf, guaranteed lots of laughs before bedtime.

Christmas Bath Bombs

I always add some glittery festive fragranced bath smellies to make the dreaded bath time a little more exciting.

Christmas Cookies

I usually add some of my easy peasy shortbread cookies to the box too. Something to nibble on whilst we watch the movie.

A New Christmas Decoration

I sometimes add a pretty personalised tree bauble too, it’s nice to add new ones every year and remember when we got them all.

Character Socks

Because who doesn’t want cosy toes on Christmas Eve?

A New Teddy

A think a new furry friend to snuggle helps them fall asleep a little quicker.

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