27 Signs You’re an Adult, Sorry

Your bank account is now your worst enemy.

You don’t understand why the government needs so much of your money.

You have opened a savings account and sob when you see how little is in it.

You set up your internet, gas & electric, by yourself.

You have spent what seemed like years of your life assembling crappy Ikea furniture.

Your back hurts sometimes.

You feel a need to eat healthier because you have realised you will die one day.

But then you realise that you’re an adult and you can eat whatever the hell you like.

Younger people in your life ask you for advice. This terrifies you.

You can have adult sleepovers.

You browse pinterest and etsy for interior inspiration in your spare time.

Sleeping in means 8am.

You think anyone who wants to hang out after 8pm on a weeknight is crazy.

You now own work clothes.

All of your friends are married or producing spawn.

You are tired pretty much all of the time.

Your friends ask you if your relationships are serious.

If you’re a girl: You’ve been to the gynecologist.

You reply to work email even when you’re not at work.

Sometimes you think about whether or not you’d be a good parent.

You stockpile toilet paper.

You have done your own taxes and wondered whether you were doing it wrong the entire time.

Annual leave is more precious than gold.

You actually have things to put on your CV.

You spend a decent amount of time wondering if you actually are an adult.

You also spend a large amount of time cursing at your student loans.

You even read the news now, to see what the world is up to.

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