Spectacular Personalised Stocking Stuffers with Snapfish

This week has been super exciting, because I’ve been trying out a variety of super special stocking stuffers and I just couldn’t wait to sit down and write about the all round amazing service I’ve received from Snapfish.

Firstly, I was actively seeking something a little different for stocking gifts this year. I wanted something that nobody else had and that showed I’d put at least a little thought into the gift buying process, but where to start? There are so many different personalised gift companies out there, it was difficult to narrow down. It just so happened that Snapfish approached me to test out the new gift section of their website and let you lovely lot know what I thought of it, so I decided to order their set of 6 personalised photo coasters and a large 17″ x 17″ photo cushion.


Now, I know that many of you, like me, have used photo upload sites before, and I was fully expecting this experience to be similar to my previous encounters. However, Snapfish and its website is different. It certainly wasn’t just a case of only having the option to upload a photo and be done with it. Their personalisation software is really second to none, and super easy to use. As you can see, I was able to create my own designs centred around my own themes. So I know that my pieces will be received as truly one of a kind gifts, and treasured because of this.

I sat down to start the order process, expecting it to take me a little while to get the hang of the features, but it really didn’t. I had the whole thing from account creation to product design done for both items in less than 15 minutes. It’s taken me longer than that to order a personalised greeting card before, let alone personalised photo coasters and a photo collage cushion!


Once I’d chosen which photos I was going to use, I had options available to me like changing the layout from a single photo to a multi photo collage. There are even preset designs that have already been assembled so you can just slot your pic into a theme, but my favourite part? It’s definitely the embellishments section. When I was putting the cushion design together for Jonah, it was a lot of fun to play about with the graphics in the menu. I also love the way that you can add any text you want to in whatever colour you like, so I decided to add Vivre Le Rêve to Teddy’s coasters. I mean if anybody is legitimately Vivre Le Rêve it’s Teddy, am i right?! I know that my little one is going to love this stocking stuffer, because it’s a one of a kind design by Mommy and I don’t think anything says sent form the heart better than that!

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