So What Makes Macarons So Special?

So What Makes Macarons So Special?

We recently revealed how to make your own on macarons on Vivre Le Rêve and we’ve had lots of you send us lovely pictures of your creations. They look incredible! But what makes macarons so special? So sought after? Skilled labour of love – First and foremost, above all else, hands down the most expensive ingredient in making each and every macaron is the chef. Whilst most other treats are highly automated in their creation, macarons still command superior skills that only comes with a chef’s experience. Quite simply, labour=time=money.

Macarons are small round meringue-based confection discs commonly filled with either ganache, buttercream or jam filling, depending on the flavour. They have a huge range of flavours from vanilla to raspberry to orange blossom and coffee. What makes the macaron stand out is its visual appeal as well as its taste. Macarons come in a wide variety of colours ranging from bright yellows and turquoise to pastel lilacs and pinks.

What do I believe is the best thing about the macaron? The size. They are packed with so much flavour and sweetness that you don’t need to stuff yourself with dozens of them. Just one or two is enough to satisfy any cravings. To conclude on these delicious delights, the macaron is light, delicate, colourful, sweet and rich with flavour. They’re perfect with a cup of coffee, as a light dessert or just as a simple gift to anyone you know.

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