Our Favourite Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Making Cold Brew at Home!

Our Favourite Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Making Cold Brew at Home!

Not to be confused with regular iced coffee, which is just essentially hot coffee that’s been chilled, cold brew coffee stays cool from beginning to end of the brew process. It’s made by soaking coffee beans in cold or room temperature water for up to 24 hours, then filtering out the grounds. Leave freshly ground coffee to steep overnight in cold water and wake up to a fruity and intense fresh cold brew. (Even better in an espresso martini.) The KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces a rich, smooth and balanced cold coffee, that is less acidic and tastes less bitter than when hot or iced. It’s super easy to clean and is the ideal fit for any refrigerator or counter top.

For one thing, you can make up to 14 cups at once in this thing, which is a game-changer for households with more than one cold-brew drinker, or just for people that like to brew less frequently. If you stick to one cup of cold brew each day, you’ll be set for two weeks before you have to brew again. The compact design and built-in tap also make this a super convenient way to enjoy your brew. Just put your cup under the tap and pour straight from the fridge.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brewed coffee is slow-steeped in cold water to produce a smoother, balanced flavour. Unlike iced coffee, which is hot coffee poured over ice, there is no heat applied during the cold brew method. 60 ml of concentrate should be combined with 180 ml cold water or milk. Add ice/sweeteners to taste. It is recommended that you use 1:3 coffee to water/milk ratio (1 part coffee concentrate to 3 parts water or milk). It can also be used to make tea concentrate. Cold brewed tea is steeped in cold water over a period of 6-12 hours.

Simply add freshly ground coffee into the stainless steel steeper, fill the premium glass carafe with filtered water, place in the fridge, and brew for at least 12 hours. Once brewed, remove the steeper and twist the tap to dispense your cold brew concentrate. To enjoy, simply combine concentrate with water or milk. Because of its compact design, it fits neatly where you want on the refrigerator shelf or door. It would look awesome on a square glass coffee table. The portable handle and stainless steel tap allow you to enjoy cold brew anywhere you go.

Main Features:

Makes up to 14 servings of cold brew
Sleek-looking design
Carrying handle for easy portability
Made of glass and stainless steel
Built-in tap to pour brew directly from refrigerator

It has a beautiful, streamlined design with glass and stainless steel components to preserve taste, for easy use and cleaning. The Stainless Steel Tap easily dispenses the cold brew concentrate from your refrigerator. The portable handle and stainless steel tap allow you to enjoy cold brew anywhere you go. It is heavy and well made. I personally love Kitchen Aid products. We have the mixer, food processor, blender, hand blender and kettle. I find their products are well made and last. Making the cold brew is easy, the waiting is the hard part. I leave mine for 24 hours. Pour into a glass with some cold milk, ice and drink. I actually prefer it to Starbucks! It’s an amazing product, that is saving me a small fortune.

It’s extremely easy to use from disassembly, cleaning and reassembly to actually brewing.

The fine mesh insert that steeps is of really high quality, with handy fill level markers so you don’t overfill. The non-drip tap works a treat, I was slightly worried it was going to flood my fridge, but so far so good! I especially love that it has a textured internal base to catch any loose sediment, which makes the drink so smooth. The only slight negative is that it’s quite heavy (even more so when full) but it’s made from high quality glass and stainless steel, so go figure. Some users may want to take care when moving it into the fridge, otherwise, I can’t fault it.

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