Review & Giveaway: Slim Gilly’s Naturally Flavoured Low Calorie Cocktails

Review & Giveaway: Slim Gilly’s Naturally Flavoured Low Calorie Cocktails

We’re excited to be featuring our new favourite cocktail brand today, Slim Gilly’s! Blending only Sparkling water, Premium spirits and delicious 100% natural essences they’ve created a clean, refreshing and delicate ready to drink cocktail. No added artificial sweeteners or preservatives help to create that delicate fresh flavour, Making Slim Gilly’s a real pleasure to drink. At only 90 calories per bottle, we think they’re absolutely delicious and perfect for the upcoming festive season!

So far we’ve tested out two Slim Gilly’s flavours:

Passion Spritz 4% ABV

A delicate blend of Sparkling Water, Vodka, Passion fruit with a hint of Vanilla.

100% Naturally Flavoured. Using the heat of good vodka, with the punch of passion fruit and then perfectly complimented by the sweetness of vanilla.

Slim Gilly’s Passion Spritz is a real treat for the palate. Blended with sparkling water to leave you with a clean fresh feeling! No nasty artificial after taste!

Rhubarb Fizz 4% ABV

Sparkling Water & Premium Gin, expertly blended with Rhubarb and a hint of Ginger.

100% Naturally Flavoured. Using the smoothness of quality gin, with the sharpness of rhubarb and then muddled with the warmth of ginger. Their Rhubarb Fizz is smooth & easy to drink. Delicious!

We got to sit down and ask Slim Gilly herself some questions about these exciting new cocktails. We’re pleased to report back that the answers to our interview questions only made us champion this brand even more.

What is Slim Gilly’s?

Slim Gilly’s is a Ready to Drink Low Calorie Cocktail, We are small batch made craft cocktails designed and developed to offer a fun and exciting alternative to the ready to drink market.

What motivated you to get started with Slim Gilly’s?

My own weight loss journey is really what inspired me to start Slim Gilly’s. I have always wanted to own my own business and be my own boss, I wanted to find something I could be truly passionate about and Slim Gilly’s is exactly that. I want my business to be a trusted brand to offer delicious alternatives to the norm when on a diet.  It started with cocktails because I love a cheeky drink and found alcohol to be so limiting when on a diet. I would listen in groups to people moan about the lack of choice or having to cut out alcohol from their journey, I knew there was something that could be done about this.

What were your initial goals?

To create a delicious tasting product which fulfilled my brief of being low in calories without lacking in taste or strength.

And how’d you come up with the idea?

I did a lot of research on the Ready to drink market and found there really was a gap for something new and exciting. So with that I started Slim Gilly’s I registered my business in March 2017 and received my Trademark in June. Both moments I will forever be proud of.  Then the fun started with around 6 months of New Product development which involved lots of trying of flavour combinations, Extensive nutritional testing & days in the lab to achieve the perfect product.

What makes Slim Gilly’s unique or better than other cocktails out there?

Slim Gilly’s is unique firstly because we are significantly lower in calories than other ready to drink cocktails. We have also removed all natural & artificial sweeteners from our cocktails which has removed the nasty aftertaste you get with so many diet products. We have refined our cocktails into deliciously light & refreshing cocktails that are perfect to be enjoyed either at home or out in a bar.

What are Slim Gilly’s goals for the future, and how do you plan to accomplish them?

My mind is forever spinning with new ideas for the future of Slim Gilly’s, but our short term goals are to secure more pubs and restaurants to stock so that we can be accessible to the masses. Also further new product development for 2 more flavours for Spring 2019.

Long term, to develop lots of different product alternatives for the Low Calorie Market. Watch this Space!

Is Slim Gilly’s hiring right now? And if so, what kind of talent are you looking for?

I am pretty much a one-man band. I have a great partner, family & friends around who support me so much with the business. From loading my little van for events, to late night OMG how do I do this What’s app chatter. At the moment we are also concentrating on working with Brand Ambassadors. So if anyone reading this thinks that’s a brand we can get on board with we would love to hear from you: [email protected]

Where can our readers go to learn more about Slim Gilly’s?

You can read all about us here. We also offer all your lovely readers Free Delivery on 6 & 12 cases code with SG15 to give our cocktails a try.

The lovely people over at Slim Gilly’s are offering our readers the chance to win a mixed case of 6 Slim Gilly’s low calorie cocktails.

Just enter via the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

If you can’t wait, you can use code SG15 at checkout for free delivery on 6 & 12 cases right now.


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