Review: Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort

Review: Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort

Do you know what your blood pressure numbers are? Although we imagine your numbers are looking great, it’s always good to have an idea of what is going on in your body. With the Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort you can be sure and check regularly from the comfort of your home.

Find out what low blood pressure, normal blood pressure, pre high blood pressure and high blood pressure actually look like on a reading and would you know when you are in danger of hypertension?

A staggering 60% of the general population did not know their numbers when quizzed by Kinetik Wellbeing, in their research last month for Blood Pressure Awareness Month.

The monitor is perfect for everyday usage, the extremely comfortable pre-formed cuff and stand make it simple to use and read. And if you are recording your blood pressure over a period of time or have multiple users the monitor has an inbuilt ‘family’ setting so you can record and store three separate users on the device at one time.

This blood pressure monitor is absolutely perfect! Very comfortable to wear and doesn’t dig in like a lot of others. Plus I find it to be a very good length. The little unit itself has a handy little stand so you can read the screen when it is down on a flat surface. Super easy to use and seems to have accurate readings.

It’s a clinically validated – Class IIa Medical Device. The Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort’s results have scientific value. This device is compliant with European medical device regulations and is a Class IIa Medical Device.  So rest assured you’re buying a quality product.

The monitor itself is very compact & tailored to 3 separate users, so individual readings can be taken & stored to memory. There is also a useful coloured calibration to the left so one can clearly see if their reading is green, yellow, amber or red.

The BPx2’s Irregular Heartbeat Detection and Morning Hypertension Detection allow you to know when to seek further medical assistance and Advanced BP Alert Reminders prompt you into a routine of checking your blood pressure. With no visible symptoms, an effective way to see if you have high blood pressure is to check it regularly using the X2 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor, and the extra 3 user memory allows for use by all the family.

As with all Kinetik Wellbeing’s blood pressure monitors. The BPX2 Comfort takes a quick reading whilst the cuff inflates and releases once the reading is complete. Minimising pressure on the arm. Not only is their cuff a one-size-fits-all, but its extra comfort aims to provide you with a hassle-free experience of blood pressure monitoring. The pre-formed cuff is easy to put on to your arm with one hand. Making blood pressure measurement even simpler.

Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort is a perfect one stop domestic monitor with a very compact design. It’s very easy and quick to measure your Blood Pressure and Heartbeat rate in less than a minute. LCD is easily readable for any age user with it’s folding stand. As far as I can see, this is the best product for the purpose and we highly recommend it.

I love how easy it is to set up and use. It’s a small two step process. The machine its self is much smaller than my old one, which I like as it’s also easy to travel with and keep in your first aid kit.

There is no better time to start measuring and being in charge of your health stats. Simply and quickly in the comfort of your own home! You can buy the Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort here.

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