Organised Family Life Hacks – Part 18

Organised Family Life Hacks – Part 18

Planning ahead and doing a little bit at a time leaves a lot more time to enjoy yourself and just makes the general day to day running of life so much easier. You also can save money by being prepared through the year. Every Friday we’ll post a list of Organised Family Life Hacks that we’ve compiled over the years. If you have any of your own to add, please comment below. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you suggest!


  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; batch cook and freeze a few times a week; eventually you build up such a supply that you can cut it down to only cooking a batch of food weekly.


  • Use sauna wraps rather than bath towels – much better as they leave your hands free. Good for the post-swimming faffing phase too. No sleeves to flap about and get wet.


  • Keep a bag of sliced bread in the freezer. Pop a slice in the toaster when you need it, this way you will always have fresh bread that will never go stale.


  • Always have a meal’s worth of non-perishable ingredients in reserve for at least one super easy meal for occasions when you suddenly have no time or energy (things like pasta and pesto / fish fingers and chips etc).


  • Keep your keys on a lanyard looped around your handbag handle. It makes it so much easier to find your keys in the dark or when you’re in a hurry.
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