Review & Giveaway: Morphy Richards Soup and Smoothie Maker

Review & Giveaway: Morphy Richards Soup and Smoothie Maker

Hmm, soup in 21 minutes you say? I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical, but it really does what it says. I like my soups blended well and this product does that. When finished it is piping hot and cooks everything just perfect. I highly recommend if you like to make your own soups, I am now trying all sorts of different flavours and so far they all taste amazing.

Makes about 4 portions of soup in 21 mins. Brilliant as I can go around the house doing other tasks and know the soup doesn’t need any attention. This has transformed my Husband’s lunches at work! It is so easy to make a soup, just put the ingredients in the pot, add stock and 22 minutes later you have a lovely soup. My son also uses it to make smoothies, much better than his last smoothie maker.

In our opinion, this is the best one on the market.

Lots of my friends have got these since we first bought one. It is great to come in after a day out, quickly throw chopped vegetables and stock into the soup maker, choose what option and switch it on. Go upstairs have a shower and prepare for the evening. So that 20 mins later the soup is ready. Best eaten with par-baked rolls that only take 10 mins to cook. Now that winter is upon us soup is more often the lunch time meal.

We highly recommend this product for its simplicity. Much better than cooking the vegetables, putting in the liquidiser, then reheating, watching it all the time so that it does not burn and also having so much washing up afterwards. This is a one pot unattended soup maker that really works as described.

A soup maker is arguably an unnecessary product, but I absolutely adore this. It is so easy to use and cuts the time (and dishes to be washed) in half. I have made several delicious soups with this, all of which have turned out better than expected (even the more obscure combinations), and I love waiting in eager anticipation for what my soup will be like after bunging in some random vegetables. My only advice would be not to put in frozen veg, as it won’t cook properly and you may have to scrape them from underneath the blades.

Seriously, why didn’t I get one of these ages ago?

This makes homemade soup soooooo easy. My current favourite is broccoli and stilton, and it’s so easy to do. If you are thinking of buying one, go ahead and do it! You can buy this soup maker here.

We have been both surprised and delighted with the performance of this Soup Maker. It was recommended to us by a friend and has certainly lived up to the hype. It’s very easy to use and produces consistently good soup with the minimum of effort. The only minor flaw is that the top could possibly have a more positive locking system rather than the simple push fit. But that’s such a small criticism and literally the only thing we can find wrong with it.

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