Our Favourite Restaurants in Ireland

My Favourite Restaurants in Ireland

Let me take you on a little journey of what to eat when you’re in Dublin, Ireland.

Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard is an extremely popular hipster brunch place where booking is highly recommended as the queue is very long. The food lived up to the hype and was just as skilfully decorated as the restaurant itself.

When I was last here, I went for vegan beans on toast, fragrant butter beans, vegan nut curd sauerkraut, and caramelised onion. The sauerkraut is so sour that when you start eating, it surprises you! Delicious.

Meet Me In The Morning

Meet me in the morning could well be the new title of my new favourite romantic comedy on Netflix, but in this case, it is a coffee shop where coffee shop lovers dreams really do come true.

Cosy, down to earth, yet bursting with colourful food and flavour. I had eggs and halloumi on toast with greens. Greens in Dublin means kale, by the way; I thought I’d mention it as I know kale can be controversial.

The Market Bar

The Market Bar in an old market hall serves authentic tapas, Spanish wine, and flair accompanied by incredible live music. It reminded me of Spain in every way, the sangria, the food, the vibe. We had a super fun evening, and this is another one where I recommend you guys to book because it is very popular and it was very busy.

Chapter One

Chapter one is in the sort of basement of a historical building. The cooking there is French but not too classical, it’s reasonably up-to-date, contemporary, good ingredients and very friendly staff.

So it’s not a place with an extensive view or anything because you’re in a basement, but it’s an attractive room. It has a Michelin star it’s good quality food, and it’s certainly somewhere to consider if you want to eat in the centre of Dublin.

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At Greenhouse, the chef has really hit his stride. Greenhouse is his first restaurant, and the cooking there is very interesting. You can call it sort of French cooking. It’s pretty modern but in a way that works beautifully. So there are exciting flavour combinations, and the technique is excellent, and this is a restaurant which I would highly recommend.

Patrick Guilbaud

Next is the most prestigious restaurant in Dublin and the only two-star Michelin restaurant. It’s called Patrick Guilbaud, and this is a terrific restaurant not only in itself, but it’s actually spawned a lot of other restaurants because some of the chefs have gone from there to open places of their own.

It’s a very sumptuous, beautiful dining room; it’s classical French food, quite formal but not stuffy service. It’s based on a high-quality kitchen technique with gorgeous luxury ingredients and old-fashioned enjoyable classical food.

Everything is designed to work well together. There’s no unpleasant ingredient sort of shocks that some restaurants will do. It’s delicious old-fashioned classical cooking of very high quality, and that’s the most prestigious and the most rewarded restaurant in Dublin, and deservedly so it’s absolutely fantastic.

So particularly if you compare the dining scene in Dublin now to 10 or 15 years ago, it’s definitely developed, and there are some exciting restaurants.

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