Music I’m Loving Right Now – Emeline – ‘Angel’

Music I’m Loving Right Now – Emeline – ‘Angel’

I just had to write about Rhode Island-based singer/songwriter Emeline today, I first started watching her videos on YouTube a little while ago and I think I pretty much became a fan right away. She is just so unlike anything that’s out there at the moment, that you can’t help but take notice. I absolutely adore her new track Angel and I love the video conceptualized by her. I can’t wait for her upcoming full EP!

I’ve always been all for supporting artists that create, and that’s why I love Emeline, who been a performer since the 2nd grade writing songs, singing and playing multiple instruments. Her career is evidently really starting to take off and that’s unsurprising after she scored a top 100 iTunes charting singer/songwriter single, “You”. This led to her current collaboration with Red 13 Studios, a Grammy nominated Billboard charting music & film production studio and this team’s first release together is Angel, the track I’ve literally had on repeat all week.

Truthfully, this talent really ought to be celebrated, being able to build a powerful song, relatable to almost anybody and filled with honest lyrics is actually incredibly rare. It ensures that this track hits the mark, where so many others in this genre fail. It’s a catchy lyrically gritty track, but it’s a smart relatable lyrically gritty track and that makes all of the difference. Angel has a downtempo, poppy sound but manages to avoid sounding over-manufactured and too similar to the other music that is around today. It’s so refreshing to hear some genuine talent and originality. This song is a true gem that shines way brighter than any of the clichéd tunes that have choked the airwaves over the last few years. I hope that her musical career continues to flourish. Personally, I’m already looking forward to her album, she’ll be massive in 2017, deservedly so!

You can stay up to date with Emeline on her website, at Red 13 Studios, Facebook and Twitter.

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