Music I’m Loving Right Now – Bree Taylor ‘Broken Dreams’


I wanted to see what all the fuss was about as I’ve heard a lot about Bree Taylor – her music and her songwriting. What can i say about this lady that hasn’t been already said? She is brilliant! I‘ve been listening to this track on repeat over and over, I just had to share it with you lovely lot. It’s called Broken Dreams and I’ve been humming along to it for days. If you like to listen to artists like P!nk, The Veronicas, Miley Cyrus, or Demi Lovato then I think you’ll love Bree Taylor, take a listen for yourself below or on SoundCloud.

I’ve always been all for supporting artists that create, and that’s why I love songwriters like Bree Taylor. This talent really ought to be celebrated, being able to build a powerful song, relatable to almost anybody and filled with honest lyrics is actually incredibly rare. It ensures that this track hits the mark, where so many others in this genre fail. It’s a catchy ballad, but it’s a smart relatable catchy ballad and that makes all the difference.

I also love the way Bree is active on YouTube, she engages with her fans on topics as varied as books and beauty. It’s lovely that she has gained such a following of people from all over the world who support her YouTube channel and her music, It’s clear to see why she won the FACTOR Demo Award 2015. It’s refreshing that this isn’t another cookie cutter puppet artist, this is a girl with substance and that’s certainly something to be applauded.

Broken dreams is not only written but also sung from the heart with gravity where it’s needed. Like a poem with a melody, Bree tackles deep, emotional issues through her music, but it always sounds sincere. I like the passion in her voice, and that the track is balanced by thoughtful, introspective realisations of the same subject. This could not have been an easy song to write but it’s a great one to listen to and sing along with, Bree Taylor is a very talented artist and she certainly deserves the attention she is getting,

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