CHANEL N°5 L`EAU Spray – The N°5 of Today

November 19, 2016 64 comments

I’ve been a fan of Chanel N°5 for as long as I can remember, it’s my go to comforting fragrance. It evokes so many memories for me that when N°5 L`EAU was announced I knew I just had to have it. Trust me, this is well worth the purchase, my favourite part about it, is that it’s basically a lighter version of the classic but its longevity hasn’t been impacted.

N°5 L`EAU is the N°5 of today. A vibrant abstract floral under the banner of modernity, with freshness at its core. N°5 L`EAU, a praise of simplicity. N°5 L`EAU, the obvious choice. Its minimalist packaging has the iconic silhouette of the fragrance embossed on the cardboard case. Inside, a second box protects the crystal-clear glass bottle. No component spoils this distinct impression. The supreme simplicity of the bottle further accentuated by the contents, gives free rein to the imagination of the woman who chooses this fragrance for her skin.
Less abstract than its forebears, the composition of N°5 L`EAU radiates citrus like sun-drenched honey. Top notes of lemon, mandarin and orange soar skyward with the aldehydes. Like a second wind, you can hear the rustle of flowers. Rose melds with airy jasmine and a new fraction of ylang-ylang. Behind this floral whirlwind, vetiver and cedar impart a novel dynamism, softened by white musks notes. Never has N°5 felt so natural.

N°5 L`EAU is worn freely. With no preconceived ideas. Instinctively. Simply. Lavishly. Day. Night. For you. For others.
Ritual? There is no ritual. N°5 L`EAU is worn non-stop.

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