We’ve Had a Little Work Done

If you’ve been wondering why Vivre Le Rêve was unavailable this afternoon, rest assured we’re not dead, on holidays or in exile. Nothing dramatic like that, the site was just undergoing a little face lift. Rather than wait for you to politely ask if we’ve had a little work done, we’re coming clean right upfront. We asked you how we were doing, digested your answers, added in some ideas of our own, and planned the changes that you’ll now find within these pages. Although the publication has evolved throughout its journey, and we’ve made incremental changes during recent months, it was time to take an honest look.

Vivre Le Rêve was looking a bit ragged you see, those crow’s feet were starting to look like craters and there were a few noticeable greys, plus we stare at the same page for eight hours a day everyday and it was time for a change. Don’t tell her we told you this but the site was feeling a tad self-conscious next to her slick younger peers with their pop up gallery windows and minimal designs so she checked herself in for some nip & tuck.

Please have a look around, sit on the couch, use the toilet, help yourself to the fridge, poke your head into every room and make yourself at home – our house is your house and all that jazz. There are more features and site updates to come so keep checking back for exciting new sections. But for now we’re over the moon with the new look Vivre Le Rêve and we hope you are too!

Welcome to Vivre Le Rêve, an online lifestyle magazine for all those who are or who want to be living the dream! I’m Rose, the lifestyle editor here at Vivre Le Rêve.