E Scooter Tips for Children

E Scooter Tips for Children

Kids love scooters, bikes and any vehicle that allows them to travel fast and have fun. Here are some great safety tips from Greenelectricscooters.ie if you’re considering an e-scooter for your child.

  1. Wear The Right Protective Gear

Accidents are inevitable at times, and this is why you need to make sure your child wears the right protective gear at all times. When it comes to your child’s safety, there is no way to go overboard, and the following are some of the pieces of protective gear that can be purchased for your child to wear while riding a scooter.

From the feet up to the head, your child needs to wear ankle caps, knee straps, gloves, elbow straps, shoulder straps, a mouth guard, and a helmet.

  1. Inspect The Scooter’s Tires

Your child’s safety will be significantly improved by the scooter having tires in good condition, and the opposite is true as well since you may not always be able to be there while your child is riding her or his electric scooter; make sure your child knows how to inspect their tires before they start riding.

Some of the most important things you should look for are the tire’s general condition and tire pressure. Show your child how to inspect the tread on the scooter’s tire to determine whether or not the tire’s condition is safe to drive on or whether it needs to be replaced.

  1. Carefully Watch The Road As Well as The Surrounding Environment

Teach your child how to fully concentrate on the road and to make sure they are prepared to react to any spontaneous incidents that might arise. Teach your children how important it is to keep a close eye on the whole road so that their scooter is kept on the right path while on the road. If you need more advice, then take a look at this children’s e-scooter buyer’s guide.

  1. Watch Out For Imperfections In The Road

Make sure to teach your child to watch out for any imperfections in the road like puddles, potholes, and speed bumps. Statistically speaking, it is known that these imperfections cause most accidents. Tell your child not to panic and then swerve when encountering a pothole or speed bump when driving at high speeds.

In this type of situation, children should remain calm and try to gradually slow down while bracing themselves for the impact, so they don’t collide with another motorist or fall off their scooter.

During the rainy season, puddles tend to form on the road. During these times, you should make sure that your children drive their electric scooters slowly since the puddles might cause the scooter to become damaged. 

  1. Slippery Surfaces

Children need to be extra careful when driving their electric scooters across slippery surfaces like railway lines, muddy roads, wet roads, etc. It can be hard to navigate these surfaces. So a relaxed speed should always be maintained by your child so that she or he can safely and easily navigate the scooter.

  1. Apply The Brakes Properly

Applying their front brakes is the most common mistake that children make while driving an electric scooter. When the front brakes are used, it greatly increases the chance that the scooter will slip. It is always recommended that the rear brakes be used to maintain a steady motion while braking.

Another type of braking that your child needs to know how to do is gentle braking. When brakes are applied aggressively, it increases the chance that the scooter’s wheels will lock. When intensive braking causes the wheel to lock, it throws the scooter’s balance off, which can cause your child to fall off.

When brakes are gently applied, it helps your child maintain his or her balance while bringing the scooter to a stop gradually.

  1. While Driving In The Rain Be Relaxed And Calm

It can be scary to drive in the rain, especially for children who are a long way from home. Teach them not to panic and instead to maintain a relaxed body and mind to help them get home safely.

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