Tips on Mindful Gift-Giving

Tips on Mindful Gift-Giving

Gifts are supposed to be a thoughtful reminder of special moments, but oftentimes, they become too much of a burden to give. Whether you’ve been single for years and still haven’t gotten over your ex-lover or you’re just feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, it can feel like gift-giving has become a constant headache.

Whether you are looking for birthday gifts, wedding presents, or just a present for a friend, here are some creative ways for putting your gift-giving woes behind you. Check them out below:

Plan ahead

Before you choose a present for someone, figure out who the person is and the type of gift that he/she likes. If you know your friend likes quirky and unusual gifts, then allow yourself time to buy a bespoke gift – don’t leave it for the last minute.

Create memories

Today most people have far more “stuff” than they really know what to do with. If you find yourself thinking, what do you by the person that has everything – then try gifting them an experience – like a spa day or a sky diving experience. The memories created will be priceless and far more meaningful in the long run.

Make the gift memorable

Sometimes the simple things can leave a lasting impression. Instead of spending lots of money just to show off to friends/family, give something small that symbolises more than just an object in itself. For example, research anniversary gifts by year to gift your partner a present that also symbolises your time together.

One way to make a memorable gift is to personalise it – An engraved watch or an iPad cover can be customised with someone’s name, initials, or a loved one’s favourite quote.

Give from the heart

Grabbing a last-minute present on the way home from the garage is never going to be well received. Make sure you spend time thinking about the person you are buying for. The more thought you put into the present, the more special it will be.

Go local

Buying a gift basket of local delicacies is not only thoughtful but also shows a lot of time and effort was spent on finding something they will enjoy. If at all possible, try to buy locally made products – this is often an excellent way of supporting your local economy.

Give what they want, not what you want

Many people buy gifts for others with their own wishes in mind. Don’t do this – gift what that person wants and needs. It will feel more personal and will most likely make them happy! The last thing you want is for them to discard the present not long after.

Give something that you can share

When thinking of what to give your friends or family members, try to think of something that you will enjoy sharing. Whether it’s tickets to a concert/game or even a new cookbook – offerings that can be shared will likely get used more than those that sit on the shelf!

Giving someone a present is meant to be enjoyable. Don’t get yourself worked up thinking you have to get the perfect present. As long as you know you have spent time thinking about the gift, you can’t really go wrong.

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