Learning New Skills in 2022

Learning New Skills in 2022

Our perception of skill-building has changed a lot over the past couple of years. You know we always relied so much on the presence of instructors enough structured school programs to learn, but the pandemic really showed us that there are a lot of skills that we can learn independently and autonomously at home.

So in my perspective, there are so many skills you can learn at home and that kind of comfy environment and the convenience of learning at home can make an ideal place to self learn something new. So today, I wanted to give you some ideas and motivation, and inspiration for skills you can learn in 2022, so without further ado, let’s get started with number one:

Basic Accounting

So for basic accounting skills, you should at least be able to record a company’s or your own financial transactions over a period of time. The idea is that you learn the principles of reporting transactions, organising that information over an accounting period, and summarising the company’s cash flows and financial position.

Since this is a critical function in almost all businesses, and many of these principles can also apply to your personal financial analysis, it’s definitely something worth studying and practising. That will give you a significant understanding of how you can make informed financial decisions.


Okay, while the first one can be quite a necessity, learning calligraphy in the digital world is more like a luxury than a necessity, but it’s still enjoyable to learn. There’s a lot of styles and tools to pick from. There are also worksheets that you can download and print at home to practice.


With the right resources and tools, you can learn to do some excellent sewing, stitching and patching without breaking the bank. This will be helpful in numerous situations in your life, so it’s definitely a great skill to add to your portfolio.


Whether you have a bit of land or a very simple windowsill, there’s probably room for you to learn a few gardening basics. Herbs, microgreens, small root vegetables, peppers, and small leafy greens are all things you can learn to grow if you plan out your space and implement a good routine.

Photography & Videography

Let’s not forget photography and videography and the editing skills for both of them. It’s invaluable to learn those skills today and can be applicable in many situations, from your career to a business perspective and even in your personal life.

There’s a lot of resources, classes, textbooks and guides on the internet that you can learn from and start mastering these skills at home.


Also, there’s coding, and coding can be such a daunting skill to learn, but when you pick a language, and you know exactly why you want to code and what you want to use the skill for, it’s really not that difficult. Then, of course, you should search for specific courses on the internet, considering your particular needs.

Cyber Security

TryHackMe is a cyber security training company incorporating gamified learning and real-world simulations. Their software (titled the AttackBox) acts as a virtual browser enabling learning to be transitional to the real world. Essentially, it simulates the actual hacking and defending of devices and can bridge the gap in securing a job in the industry.

Learning cyber security can open doors to lucrative career opportunities where often salaries sit about £50,000 with a few years experience. There is also a massive demand for skilled professionals in the field, so it’s a skill yielding excellent prospects.

Let’s talk some more about cybersecurity jobs. You may often hear that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of open positions in the IT field, more specifically in cybersecurity.

We have a shortage of cybersecurity professionals looking to get into this field. So we need more of you out there who want to pursue a cyber security course and start out in cybersecurity.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the cybersecurity job roles and titles that you should be focusing on if you are looking to get into cybersecurity.

We are seeing some incredible growth within the cybersecurity field, and here are a few job titles that will continue to grow through the years.

Cybersecurity Analyst

In a position like this, you will find yourself doing things like detecting cyber threats on your network, your computers, your devices. Implementing protections for both your network and as well as your devices as well.

You’ll monitor network activity to see exactly what type of traffic is coming through your network. So you’ll know, what’s going out, what’s coming in, and what that traffic is actually doing.

You’re going to analyse reports to identify unusual behaviour. So hence, as you’re monitoring your network or your devices, if you have a kind of baseline on what type of activity you usually see when you see something that’s, of course, out of the ordinary, you can identify that.

And then you will act on that appropriately. The salary average for a cybersecurity analyst is around £64,000 ($85,000) a year.

Penetration Tester

What other type of position can you go and act like an actual hacker? In penetration testing roles, you get to apply some of the fundamental tools that hackers use. You get to learn more about how the entire hacking process works, and you get to identify vulnerabilities by going through a process that hackers normally would.

You are, in many ways, reverse engineering what a hacker would do so that you can identify vulnerabilities within your environment. And then, you identify solutions to prevent or patch vulnerabilities that you have found.

The average salary for a penetration tester is around £77,000 ($102,000) per year.

SOC Analyst

SOC stands for security operation centre. This position is most often noted as an entry-level type of position. And some of the things that you’re going to find yourself doing within this position are providing threat and vulnerability analysis, investigating, documenting, and reporting on information security issues and trends, and analysing and responding to previously undisclosed vulnerabilities.

But there’s also a lot of hands-on where you’re patching vulnerabilities; you’re researching exactly what these vulnerabilities do, how you fix them, how you can mitigate future vulnerabilities or different threats that are very similar to the things you have already found.

It’s a position that really opens your eyes to cybersecurity in an enterprise environment. The average salary for a SOC analyst is around £74,000 ($98,000) per year.

So I’m sure you’re wondering, “Well, how much can I make working in cybersecurity in general?” The cyber security salary range is anywhere from £57,000 ($75,000) to £90,000 ($120,000) plus per year.

So it’s a very lucrative career that you can get into. And it’s enjoyable; it’s fun. People I’ve talked to who work in cybersecurity love every aspect of it. It’s by far one of the most rewarding fields within IT.

So if you guys are looking to make a significant change in your career, maybe you’re looking to get started in IT, definitely placing a focus on cybersecurity can be a great career path for you.


Okay, basic cooking is probably one of the most important and useful skills on this list, and I guarantee it’s 100% something you can learn to do at home.

You can start with the basics, and YouTube is full of videos where you can learn anything from mastering knife skills to using spices and even learning more about cooking vocabulary.

This is one of those skills that you can make as cheap or as expensive as you want to, so there is definitely something for everyone.

How To Bake and Decorate a Cake

And still in the cooking/baking department, you can learn how to bake and decorate a cake in 2022, and this is definitely something that’s on my own personal list of skills I definitely want to learn for next year.

Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is also something that you can implement into your routine right away, and there are so many different ways for you to do this. You have apps like Duolingo, which provide quick exercises for you to do on the go. You can schedule online classes with native speakers through websites like italki; and search the web for the most used textbooks and workbooks and just treat them like regular lessons.

Interior Design

This is also a fun one. You need to know so much to really learn what it takes to be an interior designer and what interior design is all about. From space planning to architecture, analytical drawing, and materials, there is a vast array of skills and micro-skills you need to learn to be able to master something like interior design. Still, even if you just want to learn a few basic notions about it, there’s so much you can learn from online courses, textbooks and other materials.

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