What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About Your Personality?

What does your favourite colour say about your personality? Do you have a habit of leaving jobs until the last minute? Do you have trouble managing your time? We have a solution for that with colour psychology.

What is your favourite colour?

This is a question that you’ve been asked since childhood, right? The uniqueness of each human’s mind makes it almost impossible to have a set of rules that applies to everyone’s choice. Preferences you might have can be linked to your overall behaviour. But did you know the characteristics of your personality can be based on what your favourite colour is?

What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About Your Personality?



The colour red is closely related to passion, desire, and aggression. You are outgoing and adventurous, enjoy being the centre of attention and have very intense feelings. You are not afraid of letting others know about your feelings, whether they’re good or bad.

Speak less do more is your motto. And you have a very action-oriented style in life. As a natural born leader, you are respected by people easily.


Is green your favourite colour? If so, you have strong time management skills due to your ability to quickly prioritise. You are open-minded and curious. Always looking to learn new things and to become more knowledgeable.

They stand their ground on their opinions and do not believe anyone or anything easily. However, if they do, they will do it very strongly. According to a study in 2018, the colour green represents nature, good luck and fertility.

On the other hand, it also represents jealousy and greed. People whose favourite colour is green consider their reputation and the way society perceives them as very important and lead an active public life.


Black is a colour to be taken seriously. People whose favourite colour is black look for power and control. According to a study in 2018, they are perceived as serious, almost intimidating.

By wearing black clothing you want to be seen for your internal qualities rather than your outward appearance. It personifies your independent and mysterious nature as stated in a study by PAC in 2020.

If your favourite colour is black, others view you as a private person who masks their emotions. You only share your thoughts and feelings with close friends and relatives.


PAC claims that the colour white has a close relation with purity, birth, and innocence. The study by Meyers in 2018 found people who favour white are very organised, independent, and logical in the way they solve problems.

You are optimistic and focus on the bright side of life. You strive to find peace, but might come off as uptight and self-righteous which results in decreased popularity within your circle of friends. Your nature can be condescending at times, which does more harm than good.


The colour blue symbolises peace and tranquility, and is the most popular colour. If your favourite colour is blue, you are reliable, calm, and loyal. Your level headedness allows you to operate under pressure.

Finding inner peace and absolute truth is of the essence of you. You live life according to your ideals and beliefs. A study by Meyers in 2018 states that you find fulfilment in being of service, by thinking about others and putting their needs before your own.

But a word of caution, according to the study self-destructive behaviour can be developed when you find expectations and outperforming yourself too hard to handle.


Does the word yellow bring to mind the sun on a summer afternoon, or maybe your favourite holiday? Yellow is the colour of happiness, sunshine and laughter.

When your favourite colour is yellow, you love to share with others but also have a focus on expressing your individuality. You are very lighthearted and have a very positive outlook but tend to go overboard with your optimism.

You aren’t sad very often. When it happens, you can be in that mood for several days. A study found such people are spontaneous and willing to take action, giving them an advantage over people who are indecisive.


Would you describe yourself as highly productive? Do you like to work and get things done? Chances are your favourite colour must be orange then, right?

This colour represents energy, warmth and enthusiasm. It gives you a party-like vibe, doesn’t it? People whose favourite colour is orange like to socialise. You aim to be accepted and respected in a group of people.

Just like people who favour yellow, you are very optimistic, always expecting wonderful things to happen. You have a black and white perspective on life. Either going after something with everything you have or not going after it at all.


Purple is the colour of power, royalty, spirituality and prestige. Because back in the day, only monarchs and nobility could afford purple clothing.

People whose favourite colour is purple are helpful to others, but require emotional security in their lives. You are creative and love unique things. You want to stand out from the group, can be unpredictable and dealing with you can be either very easy or extremely difficult.

Having a balance of both charisma and cool exterior makes climbing to the top all the easier.


The colour pink symbolises femininity, love, playfulness, and to a certain extent, immaturity, claimed a study in 2020. If your favourite colour is pink, you express yourself very well and believe in being loved and accepted for who you are.

You prioritise love, family, and kindness above everything else. You are very compassionate to those closest to you and are very dependable when others need emotional support.

This colour is the most calming and sedative one, which is why some institutes paint their walls pink to reduce aggression.


Grey is associated with balance, being neither dark nor light. People whose favourite colour is grey usually prefer not to be the centre of attention.

You are known as very mature, but are difficult to characterise due to the nature of the colour. Your taste is very modern and sophisticated.

Above all, you are naturally fair and can see problems objectively without letting personal feelings affect the decisions made.


Brown is a colour that connects to life, growth, and the colour of the earth. In colour psychology it is a colour of reliability, loyalty, and sincerity. It relates to maturity and being sensible.

So if you’re into brown, you’re down to earth, practical, straight-talking and always to the point. Not only that, you have a keen sense of duty and responsibility, you take your obligations very seriously.

In addition, your family and friends are extremely important to you and you like physical comfort, simplicity and quality.

So, what does your favourite colour say about your personality? Did you relate to your favourite colour? Let us know in the comments below.

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