Here’s What Couple Selfies Really Say About Your Relationship

Here's What Couple Selfies Really Say About Your Relationship

Here’s What Couple Selfies Really Say About Your Relationship

We all know that one couple who seem to constantly post loved-up selfies. There you are, sitting in your pyjamas, alone, and there they are and their smug faces, blowing up your news feed for the sixth time that week.

I can’t help but think: If you’re really so in love, why aren’t you off actually enjoying each other’s company? And whilst it’s actually pretty healthy to want to tell everyone about your fantastic relationship, posting 50 million photos of you kissing with one, creepy eye fixed on the camera is a little excessive. Enough already with how he handcrafted an engagement ring. And proposed via a scavenger hunt he took a year to plan. Haven’t we all suffered enough?

It’s clear that these people associate their self-worth and self-image with their romantic relationships. It also appears that their identity as a member of a couple might also be very central to their identity as person, or even more prominent in some cases. Which is slightly concerning tbh.

Well, bad news for them..

A new study has found that taking tonnes of couple selfies can actually not mean great things for your relationship. The research, called “Can You Tell That I’m in a Relationship? Attachment and Relationship Visibility on Facebook,” and published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Looked into how people try to shape others’ perception of them.

And unsurprisingly, the couples who generally felt most secure were the least likely to show off about it on social media as they’re not really that bothered about that kind of validation. Maybe next time you’re feeling sad about being single. And you see another cringy couple photo of them making out under a palm tree on a white sandy beach. Remember they’re probably not as happy as they seem. Of course, this all serves as another reminder that social media is not reflective of real life. Whilst two people sharing a mushy selfie may appear like the most in love couple going. You never know what is going on behind their computer screens.

So, what do you think? Do you post pics of your relationship online?

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