Our Top Tips When Buying A Conservatory

Our Top Tips When Buying A Conservatory

Summer is almost starting to appear, now is the perfect time to think about getting that conservatory you have always dreamt about. But there can be a lot of potential pitfalls that could end up being costly.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘What will I use my conservatory for?’ Conservatories can be expensive, so there’s no point investing in one if you’re not going to use it very often. While you might simply want to use your conservatory as a relaxation room, you may prefer to use it as something more practical, such as an office or dining area.

If you’re going to use it as one of the latter, it’s important to consider elements such as security.

Don’t forget that conservatories are made from glass, meaning any burglars will be able to easily look inside and see your personal belongings. Expensive equipment should be hidden when not in use. A simple solution to this is by fitting blinds or window shutters inside your conservatory and ensuring they are closed before you leave the house.

While most conservatory builds don’t require planning permission, it’s best to check whether you do in advance. You are likely to require planning permission if your conservatory will cover more than half the area of land around your house, or if the conservatory roof will be higher than the highest point of your property. What’s more, you must obtain planning permission before building on areas such as a veranda, raised platform or balcony.

Think carefully about what type of conservatory you want, the materials used and the interior.

A lot of factors can contribute to the temperature of your room, anything from the glass you use, the amount of it compared to brickwork; which direction it faces and the type of heating are just some of the things to consider. If your conservatory is positioned in a north-facing direction. There’s a tendency for it to get really cold in the winter. If you’ll be regularly using your conservatory during this season, you’ll need to consider installing heating. You may position it in a south-facing direction, which means it’s more likely to get hot from the midday sun. This is where blinds and air conditioning systems are good options.

The material of your conservatory is another aspect to think about.

However, this all depends on the type of property you’re building on. What’s more, a glass roof isn’t the only option available. So you must think about the best one to suit you and your home. Solar-controlled glass may be something you’d like to consider. As it brings a range of benefits, including helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Most people believe getting a conservatory will add value to their home.

If this is important to you, then it’s worth asking some estate agents to come to your home before you start the work. It may be that other additions, such as some cheap windows, would be better.

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