Unusual Items you Can Keep in the Fridge

Unusual Items you Can Keep in the Fridge


This secret hack used by florists will keep your flowers looking fresh for longer. If you’ve prematurely bought flowers for a friend, or want them to last longer, simply store them in the fridge in a vase overnight.

Eye Cream

The cool temperature gives you an extra help in de-puffing sleepy eyes in the morning, so move your eye cream or moisturizer out of the bathroom and stash it in the refrigerator.

Make Ironing Easier

Spritz the items on all sides with water until just damp. Fold them and put them in a plastic bag, then stick them in the freezer. When you’re ready to iron, pull them out and get started. The slight ice coating acts like a steam iron. Wrinkles disappear!


Heat can accelerate oxidisation in foods containing saturated fat, like Brazil nuts and cashews, so keeping them in the fridge will help retain their moisture.


Storing your eye pencil in the fridge will harden the soft center, which makes for a more precise tip when you’re sharpening and applying eyeliner.


The fridge may not seem like the best place to store your make-up bag, but it can really help keep your foundation in good nick. The cold temperatures will stop the oils from spoiling. Make sure you keep it in an upright container to stop contamination between beauty products and food.

Nail Polish

Storing nail polish in the fridge will extend its life, but it does make it more viscous and harder to apply. Save this tip for those shades you don’t wear often.

Eye Drops

I keep those little vials of saline eye drops in the fridge, at home, and at work, and I cannot TELL you the relief I get after being outside or staring at the computer for hours and popping one of those little wonders and dropping the cool, soothing liquid in my very thankful eyes!


I keep my perfume and my husband’s cologne in our fridge. In Korea they sell actual mini fridges just for cosmetics and perfume/cologne.


Possibly an old wives’ tale, but some people swear that freezing your tights strengthens the fibres against runs and pulls and makes them last twice as long. You only need to do this routine every once in a while: Get the tights damp, fold them into a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. Let them “thaw” the next day and they’re good to go.

Emergency Legal Papers

In your average house fire, the airtight compartment can act as a fire safe. not as good as a real fire safe, but good as a stop gap.

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