Our Tips on Blogger Outreach for Bloggers and Brands

Our Tips on Blogger Outreach for Bloggers and Brands

The idea behind blogger outreach is that a company contacts bloggers who have established a large audience, asking them to write about them in exchange for free access to the product or service. Sometimes, money would need to exchange hands as well. Approach blogger outreach in a network building approach. Create a strategy that identifies the bloggers that lift your brand the most and segment them in to an advocate group that you nurture and work with ongoing.

Trust me, there are very few bloggers out there who will write badly about your product when receiving it for free.

How many bloggers will really want to destroy a newly established business relationship? You want to be featured in front of their audience. But what will they get out of it? If you don’t provide value and only ask them to do something for you, your success rate is going to be extremely low. If you have something truly unique influencers might appreciate a heads up.

It’s true that people with a large audience need a constant flow of really interesting content to cater to their fans, so they will be grateful if you show them something of value. Research your topic well before contacting top people in your field and be realistic about the novelty and uniqueness of your offering. Once you define what makes your content unique, make sure to clearly get this across in your email to them.

Something to consider, however, is that Google may look at the outright exchange of anything of value for links as a link scheme.

So getting bloggers to include a non-nofollow link could be considered a little underhand. But the exposure you gain through these relationships could still result in additional natural links.

The best practice to follow when contacting bloggers, whether you’re a PR person or an in-house marketer. Is to work hard for their attention, and keep at it. It doesn’t hurt to get an introduction from a friend you have in common if that’s a possibility.

However, please bear in mind that it’s way too easy for us to see when your email is automated. And we will most likely therefore ignore it. Even if it is paid blogging jobs. I have no hard feelings when I throw automated outreach emails into the trash can. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against email templates. But you should totally spend more time crafting a template that doesn’t look like one.

Remember, asking for favours is an art. But most people never give it a second thought and act as if everyone owes them something. Bloggers will not risk the trust they have cultivated with their followers if your content doesn’t align with theirs. It is simply a waste of your time to pitch to a blogger. Who has nothing in common with your business and brand. Think of the blogger as a new acquaintance and give your relationship time to develop to something genuine and long-term.

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