Music I’m Loving Right Now – Jordan Alexander – ‘Take Me Out Tonight’


Today I really want to talk about a track that I’ve listened to non-stop over the last 24 hours, I absolutely love it! It’s ‘Take Me Out Tonight’ by Toronto-based pop artist Jordan Alexander. I especially adore the video, that features Jordan Alexander’s Grandmother, Jordan says “She actually shot tequila, smoked weed and skinny-dipped….YES she’s my GRANDMOTHER! Age ain’t nuthin but a number and I’m so blessed to have the world’s coolest grandma!”

Jordan’s heart felt lyrics, catchy choruses and sultry voice are a staple of her music and are the driving force behind her debut album The Lonely Hearts Club which was released June 2016. Jordan obviously has a huge passion for music and songwriting and is excited to share it. It’s a winning combination, Take Me Out Tonight is ultra catchy with lots of hooks throughout. With the sing-a-long chorus and beautiful melody, it stands out. Her voice is unique, but in the best possible way. It’s melodic dance music with just enough production bite to keep things fresh and interesting. Jordan has such a wonderful and natural voice that just keeps getting better, It’s so upbeat and makes you feel euphoric. If you’re into songs with feeling and a varied pace and tempo then this is the artist for you.

The song has a relaxed, poppy sound but manages to avoid sounding over-manufactured and too similar to the other music that is around today. I’m serious, she is one of the most innovative artists I’ve ever heard. It’s so refreshing to hear some genuine talent and originality. This record is a true gem that shines way brighter than any of the clichéd tunes that have choked the airwaves over the last few years. I hope that her musical career continues to flourish. Personally, I’m already looking forward to her next album, she’ll be massive in 2017, deservedly so!

I’m not the only one writing positively about Jordan Alexander, there’s acknowledgement all over from Media, Internet and Artist’s alike. She’s currently being referred to as the ‘Next Gay Pop Star’ – AfterEllen, and picked by as ‘Queer Ones To Watch in 2016’, It’s no wonder really that Bif Naked has personally chosen Jordan to appear on the Bif Naked – I,Bificus – Songs and Stories Tour.

If you enjoy this track as much as I do, then I think you’ll love Jordan’s newest album ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ – It’s available on Apple Music. You can also keep up to date with their latest offerings by following them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

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