Luxury Apple Watch Straps at an Affordable Price

I’m super excited to be writing about my brand new Apple Watch Strap from As you can see it’s a beautiful dark brown hue and it is made out of high quality Italian leather. I chose for the buckle to be black, but you they also offer a silver option. I love that their range is available in lots of sizes too!

With Initial observations the strap is pleasing on the eyes and good to look at. Well made, nice to touch and sturdy. There is no strange or peculiar smells that emanate from the straps which was also a bonus. The installation was very easy and very simple. I don’t like the strap that came with my Apple Watch and wanted something to make it a little smarter for work.

The fit was perfect and slotted right in and flush to the body of the watch. These are very comfortable watch straps for a very affordable price. Like many owners of a not too cheap watch I was concerned about how well this would fit my Apple Watch. It’s a perfect fit though, I’ve not had any problems at all.

The strap feels more comfortable on my wrist than the standard silicon bands and I believe looks smarter depending on the occasion. My watch is worn daily including during my time swimming and whilst I’m in the gym. Really, really pleased with it and I think this high quality strap definitely transforms my Apple Watch into a more stylish watch. It would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift for someone special in your life. You can order yours at here!

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