Here’s What You Can Prepare In Your Garden This June

Here’s What You Can Prepare In Your Garden This June

Need ideas for the garden? Here’s what you can start planting and prepping in June:


  • Grow strawberries in hanging baskets, where they’re easy to pick and slugs and snails can’t eat them!


  • Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds. All weeds can be controlled without weedkillers, but persistent or deep rooted weeds may be very difficult to eradicate. Ongoing control is likely to be necessary.


  • Start dosing flowering plants with dilute tomato feed weekly; use seaweed feed for foliage plants.


  • In drought-affected areas be aware of the water you are using. Ideally water plants early in the morning, to avoid evaporation loss during the day. On warm summer days, evening watering is also likely to be effective, the dry soil soaking it in readily and low humidity at night reducing risk of disease.


  • Keep on top of slugs and snails: try circles of coffee grounds or grit around lettuces and other susceptible plants.


  • It’s time to harvest lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes.


  • Position summer hanging baskets and containers outside. Grow runner beans or climbing courgette Black Forest up a trellis panel, or fix vine eyes and wires to a wall. Keep soil moist and tie in seedlings to trellis as they begin to grow.


  • Mow lawns at least once a week. Leave the lawn a bit longer, to make it less open to drought.


  • Drop two or three supermarket basil plants into a trough or planter for a wonderful scent on the patio that will help keep insects at bay.


  • Stake tall or floppy plants and prune spring-flowering shrubs.


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