Great Summertime Dating Ideas For Couples

Great Summertime Dating Ideas For Couples

Watch An Outdoor Movie

Creating an outdoor theater at home is easy. All you need is a computer that plays DVDs, a projector and a flat sheet or surface to use as a screen. Order dinner and enjoy a classic film by moonlight.

Go Cycling

Head out for a leisurely cycle through the trails in your local park. Enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company!

Watch a Romantic Sunset/Sunrise

I love combining this one with a picnic. Head just out of town, find a great location, and enjoy a romantic night of dining and watching the sun go down.

Go Camping

If you’ve been seeing each other for a while, we recommend heading away for the weekend. If overnight isn’t an option, hiking is always an exhilarating alternative.

Sketch Together

Subjects for your next painting, drawing or poem abound everywhere you look. Whatever it is, share that subject with your partner and draft together for a while.


Vacation like a tourist in your own city. Dress the part with nerdy clothes, cameras, and talk in an accent. Take a bus, walking, or cycling tour.

Cook a Meal Together

Open your favourite cookbook at a random page and turn up the heat as you follow the recipe. Just don’t argue over who does the washing up!

Visit a Theme Park

Indulge your inner child with a trip to the theme park. Play games, eat junk and go on rides.

Have a Hometown Picnic

Take a drive to one of your hometowns and pick up food from one of your old favourite places. Spend the afternoon chowing down and get closer by talking about the place you grew up.


Geocaching is a treasure hunt involving a handheld gps, where people publish the coordinates of their cache (treasure) online and you seek it out. Girls love the idea of searching for hidden treasure. It creates a lot of interaction and many times it is a completely new and unique experience for them, it’s easy to do too.

Go Exploring With Your Cameras

Take a camera, and head to a neighborhood you don’t know well, and start exploring, snapping photos along the way.

Do Something Neither of you Have Done Before

Sometimes the best dates involve doing something that neither of you have done before—taking a pottery class, riding in a helicopter, or even just trying a new restaurant. Perfect for couples interested in no strings attached dating.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for an impressive date and you’re willing to splurge – this is the date for you!  Totally romantic.

Plan a Trip

Perfect for the summertime. Spend a night picking your destination and what things you want to do/see while you’re there. You’ll be amazed what a good conversation starter this is!

Carriage Rides

If you live near a big city, this is definitely something to check out for date night! If you don’t live in a big city, chances are your small town may have a small company that puts on something similar that you can take part in. Check out Groupon to see what’s available in your area.

Visit the Zoo

Going to a zoo might be a little more interesting, especially if it includes exotic animals. The price of admission varies greatly, but many larger cities have small zoos that might be free or cost less than £20 per couple. Perfect for a first date if you’re using adult dating sites.

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you don’t want to worry about the weather, opt for a couple hours of indoor rock climbing. It’s great partner work, and a true indicator of trust.

Cocktail Making

This is certainly a good activity to help get the conversation flowing. You will learn how to shake and stir your very own cocktail creations and then enjoy them together in the bar. Classes are usually about 90 minutes long.

Go for Ice Cream

Another perfect for summertime activity. When it’s sweltering outside, head to a build-your-own ice cream shop. Fill up on your favorite flavours and have fun going crazy on toppings. Then, share the finished products between the two of you.

Pottery Class

Who doesn’t want to reenact one of the most romantic movie scenes of all time? Many venues offer the option to bring your own booze too.

Go Sailing

A lovely summertime day spent sailing. This typically hinges on one of you actually knowing the ropes, but you could always invest in a sailing lesson. Either way, sailing is a soothing getaway with your other half. Even if you never get that far from shore.

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