How to Carve Pokemon Pumpkins – Amazing Free Stencils

I’m rubbish at pumpkin carving, luckily my husband is official pumpkin carver in this house and this year’s pumpkin request has been for a Pokemon pumpkin! So, after a bit of research I’m here to show you how to make the perfect carved Pokemon pumpkin. I’ve even included some Pokemon pumpkin stencils at the bottom of the article, so no excuses!

Cut a Hole in the Pumpkin

The first step is hollowing out the pumpkin. Use a keyhole saw to cut the hole. If you’ll be using a candle for illumination, you can cut the hole in the pumpkin’s top (always put the candle in a high-sided glass, and never leave unattended).

Scoop Out the Flesh

Scoop out flesh, pulp, and seeds with a plaster scraper or fleshing tool.

Transfer Your Design

Now it’s time to transfer your selected designs (use one of our pumpkin templates or draw your own). Affix it to the pumpkin, and trace the design by poking holes with a needle or T-pin.

Carve the Features

Remove the template and carve along the pattern with a miniature saw. You can place candles, small flashlights, or battery-operated light sources inside your pumpkin. You can prevent exposed areas of the pumpkin’s flesh from turning brown by applying a film of Vaseline.

How to Light a Pumpkin

To illuminate a carved pumpkin, string lights are preferable to candles for most designs: Wrap a strand of 20 lights around a glass jar, and secure the wires with tape. Cut a hole in the hollowed-out pumpkin for the cord, and place jar inside. Unplug lights before leaving the house or going to sleep. If using a candle, place it in a glass or votive holder, and cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin for ventilation (or leave the top off). Battery-operated candles are a great alternative.


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