Toni & Guy Illuminating Hair Perfume – I’m in Love with this Scent!


I’m so impressed with this stuff, I just had to tell you about it. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting miracles from a hair fragrance, I’ve never actually used one before so I wasn’t even sure what to expect actually. Now, my hair is the longest It’s ever been I find that I’m experimenting more and more with what’s available on the market. I’m really into dual-purpose hair and beauty products, if it’s going to take up precious dressing room or handbag space it better be pulling its weight and this illuminating hair perfume most certainly does.

My current hair taming routine is to apply a very small amount of cold pressed jojoba oil to just washed towel dried hair, if possible I leave to dry naturally. When I’m in a hurry, I blow dry on a medium setting until just about dry and tie up tightly in a bun, whilst my hair is still heated from drying. I leave it like that overnight and when I take it out my hair is curled just the way I like it. However, one of the downsides of using jojoba oil is that it doesn’t have much of a fragrance and that’s why I just love this little fragrant finishing spray.


It smells absolutely divine, it’s mostly a sophisticated blend of citrus florals that’s not too summery. With added shine, it’s the perfect finish and a must have accessory for every handbag. Even Teddy can’t wait to get his paws on it!

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