Music I’m Loving Right Now – Bitter’s Kiss ‘My God’

Music I’m loving right now is going to be a new topic on Vivre Le Rêve, music is such a huge part of my life that I just can’t keep it off of here any longer. Plus I’d really love to introduce you to some of my new finds and for you to let me know some of your favourites, I’m also on the lookout for new listening material.

Speaking of new, yesterday I stumbled across this beauty of a track by Bitter’s Kiss, entitled ‘My God’ and I must have played it a least ten times since. I get through a lot of music, but this one stood out to me because of the meaning behind it. The idea of the sameness and humanity in our different religious expressions is captivating. I’m into music that’s catchy but also tells a story or brings home a message. This track does exactly that, and it does it well. Singer / songwriter Chloe Baker is phenomenally talented and the style is dark yet uplifting, I like the way it is made up of a rich and well textured style of music. Another very noteworthy aspect is Chloe’s incredible vocals, they aren’t too frilly but are never too dark and eerie either. They have a simple nature to them that drives the songs into the heart of the listener.

If you like this as much as I do, then I’m almost certain you’ll also love No One Will and The Rope too. I like the way that she writes about the things that mean something to people, doesn’t shy away from the heavy stuff but also isn’t esoteric, the music speaks to everyone. It’s clear that she uses songwriting as a diary and a way of exploring the world, it’s refreshing because it feels original and real.

If you’re a fan of The Cranberries, Sixpence None the Richer, The Cardigans, Sarah McLaghlan or Carole King I think you’d enjoy listening to Chloe and Bitter’s Kiss, because to my ears it’s a similar style. You can stream Chloe’s music at Soundcloud and you can find Bitter’s Kiss on Facebook.


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