Bring out the Star Baker in you with the Tefal Cake Factory

You’re going to love the TEFAL Cake Factory. With this precision cake maker, you can enjoy consistent quality results without the stress. The 5 intelligent programmes automatically adjust temperature throughout the bake so no need to constantly monitor. With over 200 recipes in the app to inspire you – including molten chocolate cakes, cupcakes and meringues – all with delicious results. And for confident home bakers there’s a manual mode that lets you take full control.

This a very attractive looking pink and white machine. It is not too big and therefore is going to be easy to store. The recipes are easy to follow, and the machine itself is a so easy to use. It isn’t cheap but it is fun and I think I will use it a lot. I enjoy baking, but don’t do it as much as I would like. The Tefal Cake Factory appealed to me, because it seems to promise reliable results and I liked the small batch size. The Cake Factory arrives with the usual array of instruction manuals, plus a recipe booklet.

The Factory comes with a baking tin, and two silicone moulds. The Cake Factory is essentially a counter top oven. You mix your ingredients in the usual way, and then bake them in the Factory. There are a number of settings, depending on what’s going in, and a timer function to alert you to when the baking time is complete. There is the facility to easily adjust baking time, if your cake needs a bit more or less time.

I have baked three cakes using the Cake Factory – gingerbread loaves, a yoghurt cake and the vanilla chocolate marble cake. All three were absolutely delicious and this machine genuinely makes it so that whipping up batches of cakes like this is virtually idiot proof! You do still have to tweak timings, as I guess eggs are always going to be different sizes and measurements somewhat variable. In general, I think the Cake Factory has slightly too-long timings, and I find knocking 5 minutes off produces better results.

I thought this might be a bit of a novelty, but I do find it easier to knock up a quick cake for afternoon tea using this, rather than my main oven. It would also be great if you wanted to bake a dessert at the same time as cooking a dinner in your usual oven. Or perhaps for clubs, schools, studio flats, where facilities are at a minimum.

You can buy the TEFAL Cake Factory here and if you fancy winning one for yourself, or the avid home baker in your life just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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