Are They Really Into You? 6 Ways To Know For Sure

Are They Really Into You? 6 Ways To Know For Sure

Now, there are those guys out there who don’t exactly give clear signs – the guys that leave you wondering whether or not they find you attractive or are even aware of your existence. Perhaps they don’t reply within the same day, they’ve canceled on you, or they seem too busy to see you. How can you tell if he’s actually into you?

They Lean in when you’re Talking

Not only will your man maintain eye contact if he’s into you, but his body language will be equally telling. If he leans in when you talk, keeps his torso facing you, maintains eye contact, and doesn’t cross his arms and legs defensively, he’s showing you his emotional availability and interest through his body. Be sure to practice the same kind of physical communication with your own body language.

They Mention You In Future Plans

So he has an event coming up for work or a gathering with his friends that he normally attends solo, but he checks with you to see if you’re available. It’s clear that he’s feeling comfortable introducing you to his world and is envisioning you in it long-term.

They Listen

The next sign to look for is how well he listens and responds to you. Is the conversation always all about him or does he ask you questions, seek out your opinion, and genuinely seem interested in what you have to say? When a guy’s really into you, he not only makes you a part of the conversation, but he also asks for your input, listens intently, and responds appropriately. Let your love interest know that you’re interested by listening and responding as well.

They’re The One Trying To Make Plans

When a guy is really into a girl, regardless of whether they’re in a relationship, he’s going to try to be with her more. Because it feels good for him to be with you! If he’s the one usually trying to make plans to meet up, that’s a great sign that he’s into you and he wants to take things to the next level.

You Have Access to Them 24/7

When you’re only hearing from him in the car to or from  work or sporadically in the evenings, there could be cause for concern.  When he’s really into you, he’s laying in bed talking to you at night and picking up the phone when you call no matter what time of day.

You Can Be Yourself Around Them

The biggest hint that a relationship can go the distance is authenticity. Can you be yourself around him? Can he be himself around you? If your true personalities mix well with each other, it means that on a pretty deep level, you’re compatible. And yes, if a guy notices that he doesn’t have to watch what he says around you, that he can be himself, it’s going to make a huge impression on him. If he notices that you’re comfortable being authentic with him – and he likes who that person is? It means he’s super into who you really are.

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