The Do’s and Dont’s of Sharing Photos When Online Dating

The Do’s and Dont’s of Sharing Photos When Online Dating

Profile photos are attached to our social media and dating accounts. I believe 95 percent of the decision to contact or respond to someone online is based on their photo. The fast growth of new applications are forcing us even more to focus on the photo. What amazes me is how ever slight tweaks can take a photo from “terrible” to “compelling.” This curiosity of what makes a photo standout is what led me to research to find out exactly what you can do to increase the number of people who interact with your profile.

Think about who you’d like to attract: Men and women respond better to different types of photos. Men get more responses when they’re not smiling, whilst women get more responses when they smile into the camera.

No FaceTune: Yes, it’s a powerful photo editor that’s super useful if you’ve had a late night or you have giant pimple you want to blur out. But too many people get carried away and end up looking nothing like themselves that unless you have some pretty good self control. I’d advise against it.

No group shot: While a shot or two of you having fun with friends shows you’re likable, no one wants to spend ages trying to figure out which person is you, then being disappointed when you’re not the fit one.

The cleavage shot: It’s cliché, but it’s no doubt successful. With new contacts up 49% more than average. But don’t overdo it, no swimsuit photos, just show a little cleavage.

Use photos to spark a conversation: As well as a head shot to show other users what you look like, you should upload four photos – each serving a different purpose. One of the other images should show you engaged in an interesting activity; these are the photos that break the ice, spark a conversation, and keep it going for longer.

No pictures of you and your ex: This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Never. Not even if they’re cropped out and you look amazing.

Use current pics: It’s going to be an awkward situation when you reveal that you’re balder, older, curvier or skinnier than they expected.

No flash: It’s a well known fact that flash adds at least seven years to your face. Always try to use afternoon light if possible.

Do not wear sunglasses: They can give off the impression that you’re hiding something.

Consider going pro: The final thing you may like to consider when having a profile picture taken is investing in some high-quality professional portraits. Considering that only 5% of British singles use professional shots in their profiles, having yours done is a sure way to make you stand out from the crowd.

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