Why Santorini Is the Place To Travel Once COVID Restrictions Lift

Why Santorini Is the Place To Travel Once COVID Restrictions Lift

It’s that time of the year where we’re thinking about travel and our summer holidays. Many people refer to the Mediterranean as one of the best climates globally, and this, of course, is not accidental. Not only does it have long, hot summers and short, mild, bearable winters, but the Mediterranean region is also among the sunniest places. Santorini is best known for its stunning views of the water, incredible sunsets, and its famous volcano. In Santorini, you can find some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels that are in Greece.

Some of the main areas to stay here include Oia, which would be the most costly. Then you have Fira, the capital of Santorini and found right in the middle. Since Fira is the hub of the island, you’ll have easy access to everything if you stay there. Then there’s a new up-and-coming area for more boutique hotels in Akrotiri. Even though this area is far out, you will be situated near some popular tourist destinations such as the red beach, the archaeological park, and the lighthouse, which is something to consider.

How To Get Around

Since there are many different areas to visit in Santorini, you’re going to need to figure out some transportation options. There are a few ways to get around the island—the most affordable being by bus, which is actually a really nice air-conditioned bus mainly used by tourists. The best part about the bus option is that it costs a couple of pounds to get to different parts of the island.

You can also hire a driver or rent your own car through a Santorini car rental company. My favourite place to use is Santorini Car Rental; I use them because I like the way you can rent a car without a credit card and without any security deposit. They’ve been offering car hire services in Santorini for 25 years, and it’s swift to make an online reservation in only four steps. Prepayment is also not required, so you can book and pay upon collection with cash, credit or debit card. Unlike some other reservation companies, they are an actual Santorini located car rental company. Plus, they are licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

What To Do

Now there’s a lot you can get up to on the island, and it’s best to spend around two to four days there to allow you to see everything and have some time to relax. It will also give you enough time to dine out at one of the many Greek restaurants on the island and take a day trip to the volcano. There is no shortage of both relaxing and adventurous activities. So definitely make sure to add Santorini to your list of places to visit in Greece.

If you like swimming, there are a few beaches in Santorini that are beautiful to visit for the day. There’s Red Beach, there’s also White Beach and The Black Sand Beach, and throughout the island, a lot of the tours do include trips to these beaches.

Honestly, Santorini is probably my favourite place I’ve been to so far in Greece. I just love looking at all of the white buildings and the blue domes. We were told that supposedly the reason everything is shaped like a dome is so if there’s another volcano eruption, it’s basically more structurally sound.

My favourite restaurant in Santorini is Melitini; it’s also one of the highest-rated on TripAdvisor for Greek tapas. The prices there are very reasonable. The platters only cost you about four euros, and the things like oven-baked cheese, for example, is only 8 euros. The food there is absolutely delicious and definitely worth checking out.

I want to come back at some point and this time actually stay in Santorini because it is absolutely breathtaking. You can check out my other articles about travelling in Europe here. Have you visited Santorini? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below!

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