Our Favourite Places to Travel to in Italy

Our Favourite Places to Travel to in Italy

There’s no denying that Italy is one of our absolute favourite places to travel to in Europe. With its beautiful cities, architecture, wonderful countryside, this country is truly majestic. These things are what make most people think that Italy is an expensive place to go. Read on to discover the places to travel to in Italy on budget.


The butterfly-shaped island, is only 14 square miles and the main mode of public transportation is bicycle. Rent one and cruise along the lonely roads, trying different beaches at every stop. Make sure that you leave enough time to hang out in Piazza Madrice. The Weather Channel made Favignana famous in 2016 by ranking it 13th on its list of bluest water in the world. Go in Autumn when the Italian tourists have left and the water is still warm.


Naples is the third biggest city in Italy. On top of that, it also one of the oldest and most artistic. The historic center of Naples is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and its drape of castles, palaces, and churches make this one of the most sought after by many travelers. There’s nothing like eating something as universally well-known as pizza in the place where it was born, and for that, you’ve got to go to Naples. I’ve heard that the pizzeria which claims to actually be the very place which invented pizza is turning out less-than-lovely pies these days, but you’ll find plenty of great restaurants ready to take its place. This article was inspired by emiliadelizia.com.


Take a tour of Orvieto Underground, a series of 440 caves used as bomb shelters during World War II, among other things. Better yet, just wander the narrow streets and listen to the soft jazz wafting from various restaurants. Orvieto’s annual jazz festival, makes this a stop worthwhile during the holidays. Instead of hustling from Rome to Florence, stop halfway in Orvieto. It’s a nice hilltown in Umbria where the wineries are much less crowded and cheaper than neighbouring Tuscany. Orvieto is perched atop a volcanic rock above vineyards and olive groves. Its duomo, a giant confection of white marble with an outrageous facade, is one of the prettiest in Italy. It should be. It took 300 years to build.


Further up the eastern coast of Italy you can find the city of Barletta. This port is a great place to relax and enjoy the beaches, it also has a host of interesting sites and attractions. The main point of interest is the immense Castello Svevo – this castle was constructed during the Norman period and has a fantastic design and impressive battlements. If you enjoy walking, the Lungomare Pietro Mennea and the Lido provide opportunities to stretch your legs and take in the sea breeze.
This area of Barletta is well maintained and geared for tourists and those wishing to enjoy a day at the beach. Barletta also has several interesting museums and is close to Andria and Trani. Two other wonderful destinations.


Procida is an island only 1.6 square miles with just 12,000 people. Its curved harbour with pastel-colored buildings. Is a perfect place to eat a Neapolitan pizza or have a glass of wine. Take a cheap bus to the fine beach on the north end. Where you can also while away an afternoon at one of the many harbour bars. Forget Capri. Next time, avoid the crowds and come to Procida, ten miles to the north. It’s what an Italian fishing village was like in the 1950s.

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