Wealth & Success: Using Sleep to Get What You Want

Wealth & Success: Using Sleep to Get What You Want

I’m going to be honest, this will be challenging, not physically challenging, but challenging nonetheless. The good news, is that in order to have whatever it is that you want, all you need to do is make one easy change.

You need to go from wanting it, to deciding to have it. Wanting can be done whilst you stay in the dead end job that slowly sucks your soul away. Deciding, means jumping in all the way and doing whatever it takes.

You’ll probably do things you never saw yourself doing, you’ll have to believe in things you can’t see as well as things you think are impossible. You need to grasp onto your decision to create the life you want like your life depends on it, because guess what? It does!

The reason why this exercise is difficult is because as people, we become programmed in our own minds of certain ways of doing things. When attempting to change that, every cell in our body except our conscious mind is telling us “ugh, no thanks, we’ll just stick to what we know”.

Now, you’re going to have to ​DO IT​!

That is the thing that people don’t understand.

They read and read and listen and listen and research and research and on and on, but the thing that they neglect to do is to ​actually do it!

You’re going to have to do it, and you’re going to have to do it every night until you get what you want.

But the good thing (other than getting what you want) is knowing from that point on that anything you set out to achieve, you can, no matter the earthly obstacles.

But you’re going to have to do what I tell you to do.

Decide on the one thing that you want – yes, ONE. Not multiple things.

It is going to be easy to focus on this one desire, and when you accomplish your first desire (and hopefully your biggest) you can go on to any of your other desires.

Think of ONE visual that implies that you ALREADY have what you want

Make it something that you can easily add movement and interactivity to. Like holding a hot cup of coffee, or hearing the whoosh of the waves of the ocean etc.

Get into a pre sleep drowsy state BEFORE bed Wealth & Success: Using Sleep to Get What You Want

As you lay down, get into a position that you wouldn’t normally for sleep. So if you sleep on your front, lie on your back etc.

Then focus on your heartbeat.

This is an easy way to move into a suggestive state.

Now I’ll tell you why this stage is important.

This a point at which it will become effortless to touch anything or see anything you desire. Your usual conscious day to day mind, is busy turning out petabytes ​of data per second. So, during that time, it becomes difficult to use your intuitive mind.

Begin visualising your desire and repeating it over and over again

As you do this, keep adding sensory details. Feel ​the emotions, the happiness, the excited fluttering. You will find that this will make the images speed up. At this point you will begin to SEE​ your scene, as if you were there.

Keep replaying your desire over and over

You’ll want to think of other scenes but ​DON’T​ just keep replaying it over and over.

Eventually, your conscious mind will “pass out” and before you know it, you’ll wake up in the morning.

How do I know if I did it correctly?

Easy; When you wake up from sleep you will ​KNOW ​that you did it correctly.

You may even full-heartedly believe that you actually do have it!

During the day, if you face anything that makes you doubt yourself, just hold true in your mind “It’s already done.” “It’s on its way to me.”

You don’t need to worry about visualising during the day because you will ​KNOW ​it is done!

It truly is amazing, but there is hard work and all of that hard work is done from within.

Remember, you can ask me anything. I love helping people and gain so much pleasure from seeing all of your successes!

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