Watch Me Do This

Watch Me Do This

“Watch me do this” is another favourite psychological trick of mine. It could be just what you need to give you a final push to achieve your goals. I’ve seen it work absolute wonders for peoples success rates.

So, imagine you’re trying to achieve something that you really want to do or be successful at. For example, pass your driving test. Let’s say that it’s something you’ve been working hard at and during your lessons you’re a safe, confident driver. However, when it comes to taking the test, you turn to jelly! What can you do?

This is where “watch me do this” comes in. You start with saying out loud yourself “watch me pass my driving test“. When you first start this, it will feel weird and wrong. That’s because it’s in direct contrast to what you actually believe to be true, which is that you will fail. By repeating “watch me pass my driving test” over and over again, whilst you go about your normal life, you are challenging your inner negative beliefs and ultimately reprogramming them.

Another example where this works well? Sales! If you’re not a naturally confident person this a fantastic trick for shifting your inner monologue. “Watch me sell this car”, “watch me smash my targets”, “watch me make six figures this year” etc.

My personal favourite though, is when it comes to job interviews. If you know you’ve got a job interview coming up, do all the things you usually would to prepare for a successful interview. But also repeat “watch me get this job”. The key is to do it until it doesn’t feel weird or wrong anymore. Repeat it until you believe it. Because what do we know about beliefs?

Our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts become our feelings, our feelings become our behaviours, which bring us our results.

It’s imperative that the things we believe about ourselves, are what we want out of life. Because ultimately they end up creating the realities that we live in.

I’d love to hear your results from this. What do you think about this trick? Have you tried it?

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