Want to Save Lots of Money on Your Beauty Products?

Want to Save Lots of Money on Your Beauty Products?

In a brilliant thread on the /r/MakeupAddicts subreddit, one poster has shared a tip that could save you loads of money on beauty products. Wait for it… unable to squeeze any more product out of a tube of eye cream, poster Callievee decided to cut it open — revealing a lot more cream inside. Woah!

“And this, ladies, is why you cut open your makeup/skin care when it’s not letting you squeeze any more out,” -callievee- wrote. “Look how much of my okay eye cream is left!!!”

Others quickly offered their own hacks to get the most out of your products, such as using a rolling pin on the tube before cutting it open. Or squeezing the tube on the sides to cause an air bubble and then shaking the end of it.

However, there is something to bear in mind with this brilliantly easy hack: In order to keep your beauty products fresh, you should always make sure to close off the open end between uses.

Be right back, just off to cut open some of my favourite beauty buys, shampoo and conditioner, makeup primer, eye cream, and everything in between!

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