The Most Common Wedding Guest Mistakes.. Awkward..

April 27, 2017 1 comment
The Most Common Wedding Guest Mistakes.. Awkward..

If only attending a wedding was as easy as RSVPing and turning up. According to a new study by Jacamo, there are tons of ways you can ruin a wedding. Most of them are pretty obvious to be honest, however seven of them are related to your wardrobe choices. We’ve included the list below so that you can make a mental note not to be ‘that guy’, you know the one..

20 worst wedding guest mistakes

1. Bad taste best man’s speech
2. Leaving before the reception speeches are finished
3. Guests wearing outfits that are far too revealing
4. Wearing all white or all black
5. Bringing someone who was not invited/failing to RSVP but turning up/arriving late/changing table places
6. Taking flash photography at the ceremony
7. Wearing a dress very similar to the bridesmaids
8. Blocking out the view of others in church with very large brimmed hats
9. Wearing sunglasses in church
10. Getting drunk/rowing and causing a scene
11. Forgetting to turn the ringer off your mobile phone for the ceremony or speeches
12. Turning up in jeans
13. Being too aggressive when trying to catch the bride’s bouquet
14. Mistakenly wearing black tie and dinner jacket
15. Arguing with partner
16. Aggressive dad dancing
17. Photo bombing official photos
18. Posting on social media when asked not to
19. Forgetting the names of the bride and grooms parents
20. Trying to chat up the bride or flirt with the groom

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