Their Life is Their Punishment

Their Life is Their Punishment

Sounds harsh right? But think about it. The next time someone does something mean or cruel you, just tell yourself that their life is their punishment. I can guarantee that if they are going through life actively being crappy people, then their lives are going to be pretty crappy too. It’s the case for every single one of them.

Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither.

Too many people care too much about what others think.What others think they should do or how they should behave. Most of it is just noise. Noise of envy.

Jealousy coming from people that are too afraid to do what you do. And too lazy for real action so they just run their mouth. Hide behind their phones and keyboards criticising your goals instead of chasing their own.

Do what you want to do. Life’s too short for anything else.

Try a new diet. Take tonnes of selfies. Have another baby. Buy another pair of shoes. Write that book. Start that YouTube channel. Learn a new language. Take a course that has nothing to with your job. Adopt a cat. Become a vegetarian.

Haters all suffer from one or all of the following: 

  • They hate themselves.
  • You’re seen as a threat.
  • They want to be you.

There are far too many examples of haters in the world today. Social media is overrun with examples of negativity. This negative behaviour is usually participated in by individuals who have led themselves to believe that by tearing someone else down, they will make themselves feel better about who they are. They couldn’t be more wrong. They will only sink deeper into their own unhappiness because hate only begets more hate.

So what can you do if there is a hater in your life?  

Accept that you can’t change someone else, they have to be the ones to change themselves. You can only control yourself and how you treat others. You cannot control how they will treat you, and the more you try, the more frustrated you’ll become.

Forgive. However, forgiving does not mean allowing them to stay in your life. You can completely forgive someone, wish them the best, and still choose to remove them from your life. You have the right to remove yourself from people who are toxic to be around, lord knows I’ve had to do it enough times.

Show kindness. Keep in mind that the reason this person is the way they are is because they are insecure and unhappy with themselves. Hurt people, hurt people.

Remember, their life is their punishment. It’s not up to you to punish them, you simply don’t need to. Karma, universal energy, whatever you want to call it, will deal with it. Maybe not now, maybe not for decades, but it always comes back. You get what you give after all.

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