The Ultimate in Precision: Salter Instant Read Digital Thermometer

The Ultimate in Precision: Salter Instant Read Digital Thermometer

The ultimate in precision, Salter and Heston Blumenthal introduce the Instant Read Digital Thermometer, which benefits the home cook or the professional chef. Measuring temperatures quickly and accurately, the precision thermometer is perfect for checking the temperature of meat, jam, confectionery, BBQ food and more. Use the ‘info card’ for Heston’s recommended temperatures and serve up succulent meat without hassle. You can simply slot the thermometer into the clip on the probe case when using over a hot pan.

Key Features

Measure with ultimate precision (accurately measuring to 0.1 ºC)
Benefit from quick and easy readings with a device 5x faster than its counterparts
Choose from Heston’s recommended temperatures with the ‘info card’
Use the stainless steel probe case and pocket clip for safe and convenient storage
Designed with a silicon grip for easy holding and cleaning
Work with a temperature range of -45ºC to 200ºC (-49ºF to 392ºF)
Guaranteed for up to two years.

For years I used a bulky analog meat thermometer, labeled with various types of meat and giving you a guideline for when to pull something out of the oven. Based on whether you wanted it rare, medium or well done. The face of the thermometer was cloudy, crowded and difficult to read.

We finally decided to test out greater precision with the Salter Instant Read Digital Thermometer.

Now, instead of a general guideline, I can tell exactly what the internal temperature is of a roast or meatloaf. The thermometer reads quickly (in a few seconds), wipes clean easily and is then tossed into my utensil drawer. It has worked as expected giving the readout in about 5 seconds. That speed is important because ovens are hot and you will have your hand in there. Using a thermometer has improved my cooking a great deal because I can be more flexible with my cooking temperatures. I love that I am no longer slicing into the meat to look at it. It’s well made, has a clear display and – as far as I can tell at home – very accurate.

The probe is a very useful length and allows temperatures to be taken without one’s hands getting too close to the heating elements of the oven or too close to a pan. The display is easy to read and the temperature readings themselves appear to be extremely accurate. I did think that this thermometer was no different to others I had used but was pleasantly surprised. From its fast reading, clear face and battery saving mode this unit suited me perfectly.

With Christmas approaching and a 6kg rib of beef to cook for family and friends I’m so glad that I have this to help me. It’s absolutely fantastic! You can buy the Salter Instant Read Digital Thermometer here and If you fancy winning one for yourself, just enter via the rafflecopter below. We have 4 to giveaway, Good luck!

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