The Surprising Health Benefits of Marmite

The Surprising Health Benefits of Marmite

Personally, I love Marmite, always have. Until recently though, I had no idea just how good for you it is! Marmite is considered one of the healthiest toast-toppers. Packed with vital vitamins and minerals, if you’re not already a fan, here’s why you should be…

Hangover Cure

Drinking alcohol depletes your body of B vitamins, which can leave you feeling anxious, low and under the weather. A teaspoon of Marmite on toast will help to boost your levels in a flash.

Fight Superbugs

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests the vitamin niacin – which can be found in Marmite – can help the body fight off antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, so tucking in can help to keep your body fighting fit. A further study at York University this year also found that Marmite’s high B12 content helps to boost red blood cells, which in turn protect the nervous system.

Brain Boost

The York University study also found the high concentration of Vitamin B12 in Marmite could help to improve brain function and even potentially protect against neurological disorders, preventing illnesses like dementia from developing later in life.


Marmite is also high in folic acid, providing nearly 50% of the recommended daily allowance per serving. Folic acid works to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, increase the chance of conception and prevent birth defects.

Low Calories

In each recommended 8g portion of Marmite, there’s only 22 calories and less than 0.5g of fat, which as toast-toppers go, is pretty good. It’s also vegetarian and can be used to add flavour to vegetarian dishes.


Marmite is packed with B vitamins, including, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine, as well as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and selenium, all of which are essential for good health. These work to boost kidney and liver function, help to protect the nervous system and increase energy levels.

Sleep Aid

A recent study revealed magnesium can help us get a good night’s sleep, and there is lots of it in Marmite. Scientists claim it relaxes the body’s muscles and calms the nerves, to help you drift off much quicker.

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